Dialogue with merchant

When the player's units meet the trader, the trader offers a deal. The condition of the dialogue is the hit of at least one player's unit in the area of ​​the dealer's location. The deal, in fact, is a matter. The question is realized with the help of the action "Nested conditional block" and the conditions "Positive answer to the question". If the player agrees with the offer, then the merchant becomes the possession of the player, and a new task appears in the mission objectives window. Rename the task "Objective2" to "Conduct the merchant to the port, and he will pay very good money. If he dies, you will not get money. "

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  1. Is it possible to make such dialogues as in the mission of the Southern Province, where you could choose the answer in the Polish fort. Not only "Yes" and "No", but interesting answers: "Hire 10 pikers for 100 coins", "Nothing, see you ! "," Hire 5 shooters for 150 coins. "I'm asking all this because I'm doing a chain of missions.

    1. I tried, I did not have such a function. But in some user missions this kind of happened, but I had some kind of crap when I opened the script file. Perhaps it's because of piratka.

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