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Transfer control to a computer player (launch artificial intelligence "intellect" for the player "name." Difficulty level: "complexity." Territory type: "relief." Resources: "funds." Resource deposits: "resources"). If the parameter "player"The player is peasants, then this action triggers artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a program that takes control of units and buildings of this color. In order for the computer player to develop properly, it needs to specify the start parameters. «Complexity"Indicates how aggressive the computer player will behave. «Relief"Will tell the computer if there are any seas on the map and whether it is possible to reach the enemy base only by land, or it is necessary to build a transport carrier. «Foundations"Will show how well you provided it with resources. «Resources"Will prompt him about the number of mines around his base.

Do not use dedicated units as a computer player (do not use dedicated "name" computer units). If the compiler of the mission wants to help the computer player to control units of its color, then first it is necessary to allocate these units by some action from the subgroup "Select Units", And then perform this action. In this case, in the "player" parameter, specify the color of the computer player.

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  1. 8 Years ago I was 4, then I went for the first time to the Cossacks, ehhh ... ..

  2. By the way, but can I somehow put this editor? People with pirate and the creators of the very thing.

    1. No, it will not work. It's the same as with the editor from EbelAngel.

  3. Here times in 2 more action, though on angl.yaz, but here elementary English. I thought about this after I looked at the site English, which you took off. There was an example in the editor section. In it I saw the launch of AI.

  4. ADMIN, I solved the problem. Yes, this is related to the license. The thing is that if you change the language in the incentive to English, you have to reinstall the Cossacks, then everything will appear in the script editor, checked it yourself !!!

    1. You are well done!!! Only a pity that it did not happen about 8 years ago, when the interest in the game was much greater. And it would be nice now for the Cossacks 3 mission to do it.

  5. I have the same error

    1. Is that the result anyway? Damn, it's sad.

  6. I try to open a mission in the script editor, but I write: "The script for this mission exists, destroy it?".

    1. But this I did not have.

  7. And how did you write the article?

    1. Duck is not the one I wrote, it's all the text from the pdf-official guide to the script editor was taken. I did not add anything of my own.

  8. Have you seen my comment on the dialogue with the merchant?

    1. Yes, I answered. I personally could not do this.

  9. I have not opened it yet. I do not have access to a computer now.

  10. On the forum you were given a link to the editor, he something like Tipo improved or something. You checked it?

    1. Yes, I tried. The same error comes out. Do you have a mission in the script editor?

  11. You did manage to run it all the same? Just wondering. Corrie for many comments that could fit into one

    1. No, I never found it in the editor. That's all there is, but that's not it. Here is a link to downloading the mission -
      I do not remember about triggers, but probably I can, I do not see a problem in it.

  12. Can you give a link to downloading the mission? I'll try through a license, but do not you need to write triggers on inglishe? I read it.

  13. Lol, I have just the same license, in stime.Vse no, I have a pirate and a license, neither there nor there is no artificial intellect

  14. And how to transfer control? All the actions looked, but did not see how to convey to the artificial intellect.

    1. I also asked myself such a question. Even created a topic on an English-language site about the Cossacks -
      True, it was about a little bit different. There, the mission just with the launch of artificial intelligence did not want to open in the script editor. At the site administrator it opened. I think that this is connected with the pirate. On the license I think should be added AI.

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