System Tools

This subgroup contains conditions that are not included in other subgroups.

The amount of time after the start of the game (after the start of the game, the "sign" "number" of cycles passed). There is an internal timer that starts after the start of each mission and indicates the number of internal conditional clock cycles after the start of the game. Use this condition to trigger the trigger after a certain amount of time after the start of the mission.

Level of difficulty (level of complexity of the player "name" "sign" "complexity"). A player of red color is a person. Before starting a mission, a person chooses a level of difficulty. By default, this difficulty level is set for all other players. For players other than red, the difficulty level will change if you perform the "Transfer control to the computer player" action.

The number of resources a player has (the number of "resources" for the player "name" "sign" "quantity"). Each player can accumulate resources of six types. To change the number of resources, use the actions from the Resources sub-group.
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  1. анонимм

    1. Я узнал количество тактов,читал на англ. яз.Форуме нашёл чему равняется такт,он зависит от количества ФПС.В 1 фпс 2 фрейма,2 фрейма равняются-1 такту,если количество ФПС равняется 60,то и тактов 60.

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