Mission Properties

The properties of the mission include the title, description and picture. They form the face of the mission, according to which your creation will be met and from which the player will have a first impression. You can change the mission description using the "Properties ..." command from the "Script" menu.
The user will see the name of the mission in the single mission selection list when he wants to play the mission you created. This name is also used to open the script in the script editor. By default, the name of the mission coincides with the name of the map, on the basis of which the script is built.
Description of the mission is necessary to give a brief description of your mission and finally convince the player to get into your whirlpool of adventures.
A picture is a visual representation of your mission. There is a standard picture of the description of the mission, but it will not add to the player's desire to stop their choice on your mission. To avoid this, there is a button "Upload picture ...".

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