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Name: Cossacks 2: Battle for Europe

YOM: 2006
Genre: real-time strategy (RTS)
Developer: GSC Game world
Publisher: CDV Software Entertainment
Language: English

Minimum system requirements:

Operating system: Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / NT / XP
Processor: With the clock speed of 1,4 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Video card: 64 MB
Audio card: Compatible with DirectX

Recommended system requirements:

Operating system: Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / NT / XP
Processor: With the clock speed of 2 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Video card: 64 MB
Audio card: Compatible with DirectX

Description of the game Cossacks 2: Battle for Europe

Download Cossacks 2 Battle for Europe torrent worth it to any player. The game takes you during the great battles, Napoleon. Those battles that directly influenced the further course of the history of this entire region. Download Cossacks 2 Battle for Europe from Torrent and take part in these battles is worth every self-respecting strategist.

The plot of this game reveals the same time period in which the main game was: the era Napoleonic wars. Since this historical period put an end to all the small skirmishes that were previously led by all small states. It is as a result of this conflict that the territory of Europe is divided in this way, and not otherwise.

Download Cossacks 2 Battle for Europe torrent it is possible for the sake of the following innovations:

1) The addon will disclose the battles fought by the three nations: Spain, the Rhine Union and the Duchy of Warsaw (it, by the way, consisted of sixteen continually warring regions). Each nation has its unique opportunities for development, as well as unique units and combat capabilities. All the buildings in the game have their own unique style and due to this the scale is formed, as well as the variety of tactics in the game.

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2) As before, the game will contain a lot of absolutely true historical facts, as well as the game will have its own encyclopedia, which the player can read when he wants. It is possible to completely reconstruct the plot of the great conquests by looking at briefings before all the missions. Missions in the company also help to dispel many questions.

Game site supplemented by a number of reproductions of paintings, as well as memoirs of contemporaries. The site has a lot of other interesting information that is devoted to this period.

3) Creators game completely changed the out-of-date engine since the first Cossacks: the algorithm for finding units of the correct path was redesigned, new types of landscapes were added, the interface was improved, and the engine was subjected to universal optimization

4) In a single game you will play on the side of France, Spain, Poland, and also on the side of the Rhine Union. The map of Europe was supplemented with twelve new areas, and therefore the game mode will become more diverse. Also in the game a lot of new and perfectly worked by experts cards

5) In a multiplayer game you can play both in standard battles and in battles. At the same time, up to seven players can compete against each other.

In addition, the best players will necessarily enter the ratings.
Эта игра — дополнение к игре Cossacks 2: The Napoleonic Wars

This addon reminds me of two add-ons to the game Cossacks: "European wars". Why? In the European wars, the main part of the work was done - engine, graphics, and so on. In subsequent versions, not much has been done: several nations have added some originality, as well as some gadgets, without which the game would be a little uncomfortable.

In the second part of the Cossacks, or rather in the "Battle for Europe" add-on, the actions are repeated. Added a couple of nations, slightly optimized the engine.

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Многим игрокам не понравились Казаки 2: Битва За Европу. Возможно из-за того, что здесь не делался основной упор на экономику, а делался как раз на боевые действия. Таким образом, можно было просто захватывать селения, и воевать за них против слабого компьютера. Почему все его считают слабым? Потому что при помощи несложных действий, которые описаны в кампании, его можно было легко победить.
Но все-таки я вам рекомендую скачать Казаки 2 Битва За Европу через торрент. Может быть вам не нравится кропотливо добывать ресурсы, а хочется полностью окунуться в боевые действия 19 века, повоевав за одну из великих стран того времени.

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10

Game Cossacks 2 Battle for Europe is compatible with all the above operating systems and works even on the most modern computers.

How to install Cossacks 2 on Windows 10

The owners of Windows 10 with Cossacks 2 is not a very good situation. Unlike other operating systems where everything goes fine without any patches, in Windows 10 the game gets up only when you first set the resolution of 1024 × 768 on the computer, and then in the game, while downloading a special program that launches game with preset settings. For this you need to read a short paragraph of the article "How to launch Cossacks".


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Download via torrent (Jubilee collection of strategies from GSC). If you do not play the game on Windows 7.


  1. всё равно ничего не работает(((
    пытаюсь запустить, спрашивает, разрешаю ли я вносить изменения, соглашаюсь, дальше иконка появляется в панели задач (как будто бы начинает открываться) и тут же исчезает…(((
    what to do???

  2. А с помощью какого приложения открывать скачанный файл?

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  3. forgot to add in the comments. This is a problem in 10 Windows, I know it, but I will be very grateful if there is an intelligent person who will help solve it

    1. Hey. You probably did not notice the link to the article How to launch the Cossacks (FAQ) -
      There is written a way to install Cossacks 2 on Windows 10. There is still a video, if something is not clear.

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  4. Cossacks 2 (both) do not work, the game literally half a second tries to turn on and immediately turns off, this is the first attempt. After that, two files of different types with the same name "!! crash !!" appear in folders at once and further on the next starts the same error already appears with the same description, only "log"

  5. tell me there are Codecs on 8 Windows?

  6. Cossacks

  7. The toy is not installed. He writes that the "Napoleonic Wars" are not established, although the game is worth it.

    A "Napoleonic Wars" from your site does not shake not ... ..

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  11. Казаки 2 Битва За Европу работает на виндовс 7??? а то я че то не могу установить пишет ошибка при установке.

  12. 123, Nobody will give you a key, because it is activated only for one computer, and if someone gives, they will not be able to play both ...
    Ernat, The new version already as 7 years is not present ....

  13. Is there a new version?

  14. so this version without a key does not robit over the network?
    give the key, if any

  15. dimas, In the Conquest of America without a key on the Internet, too, can not play ...

  16. then it's sad that he is not there

  17. dimas, For this you need a registration key, which when buying a disk is written on a piece of paper that is in a box

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  19. how to play the Cossacks battle for Europe on the net?

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  24. in which of the ezo parts of the game (the Napoleonic War and the Battle for Europe) is the "conquest of Europe" regime?

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  26. the game does not swing, advertising in an urn

  27. is it a paid game or not? how to download?

  28. Alexander, It's strange. I just can not say why, I just had it on the disk

  29. The toy is not installed. He writes that the "Napoleonic Wars" are not established, although the game is worth it.

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