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Why is it worth to download the game Cossacks Empire?

The authors of the mod: Awar, Bogdan, Pomor.

Cossacks: Empire - this is perhaps one of the most remarkable mods for the game of Cossacks. This fashion called "Empire" might not be, if the company-developer (GSC Game World) would not provide them with the source code of the game. Therefore, we can observe both the Prospect Mode, and the Change of Unions and much more.

According to one of the creators of the fashion "Empire", AWAR:

At first, we just improved the artificial intelligence, slightly cleaned the "Cossacks", and then realized that we can do much more. Make a real add-on ...

The development of the "Empire" for its creators took two whole years, and it can fully compensate that lull unfairly overtaken the main creation of the developers of the "Cossacks". With great admiration I present to you this work worthy of much more than just being called a fashion.

Screenshot of the game Cossacks Empire
A small base of the Arab settlement trading on the sea

Features of the game Cossacks Empire, if you have not already downloaded it

XIX century

In the game Cossacks Empire is 19 century. That is, having moved to the 18 century and having built the 18 barracks in., You have the Guards barracks, and in it you can go to the 19 century. As the transition into the new century, the outmoded troops in the barracks and stables are no longer reproduced, and instead of them, the troops of the era you moved into are produced.

Screenshot from the game Cossacks Empire
The Swedish army of the 11th century


Еще одной особенностью игры является её AI, то есть компьютер, сражающийся против Вас (искусственный интеллект). В этом моде он подвергся совершенно основательной переработке. Теперь он стал намного сильнее, чем раньше. Всего есть целых пять типов AI. Теперь компьютерный ИИ просто безжалостно атакует, оккупирует и захватывает. Имперский AI, рассчитанный на время ненападения 10-15 минут и без него, сможет успешно противостоять заядлому игроку на GameSpy на уровне Графа или Маркиза, тогда о новичке и говорить нечего.

But the computer also has weaknesses. If you want to put this option, like "Without the Market", then any player even the most incapable of playing can easily defeat the enemy, since the basis for the development of a computer opponent is the Market. As however, in any version of the Cossacks.

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Once I conducted such an experiment when, after the AI ​​rasteme, a little quiet begins to revive. He built a city center, a warehouse, a mill ... and that's it! I did not build anything else. By the way, it seems AI built a forge. And when I build a market for him, AI starts to develop as usual.


В моде «Империя» присутствуют 20 наций и 4 типа селений. 13 наций из 20 имеют XIX век. Это — Бавария, Австрия, Англия, Пруссия, Италия, Польша, Россия, Саксония, Испания, Турция и Швеция. Украина сохранив свою превосходную пехоту и конницу, теперь имеет 18 век, в котором у нее открываются как и стандартные юниты 18 века (Гренадер, Мушкетер, Офицер, Барабанщик, Знаменосец) так и оригинальные (Ногай). И ещё к пехоте добавился пеший казак.

Denmark, which was the strongest nation in "Again War" with its super Musketeer 18 century and a buggy pikeman, is devoid of the 19 century, I think, deservedly. The army of Denmark in the XIX century was not one of the leading in Europe.

Of the Muslim nations in the game Cossacks 3 remained only Turkey. But it has all types of 19-century units, new units 17 and 18 centuries (Tatar with saber, Balkan cavalry, etc.), and some borrowed from Algeria (for example, Bedwin), and is one of the most original nations in the game .


В «Империи», помимо классических юнитов из оригинальных «Казаков» автоматически установлен мод M1 от Baddog’а, первый официальный мод для игры «Казаки» включающий в себя 30 дополнительных пеших, конных юнитов, а также артиллерию. Для XIX века, «Имперского периода» были нарисованы еще 46 юнитов, автором которых является BOGDAN©. Теперь у пехотных отрядов появился Знаменосец, а у конных — Офицер (характеристики наравне с Украинским Гетманом!) и Горнист. Для 17 века вместо Алжирского лучника в Дипломатическом центре (у Англии — еще и в Казарме) заменили европейским лучником.

Perspective mode

Screenshot from the game Cossacks Empire
This is how everything looks like

In the game Cossacks Empire appeared perspective mode, which was still designed for Conquest of America. It allows you to simplify the management of large troops, which no longer fit into the screen. Well, you can look at the city from afar.


The Swedish army is attempting to capture the village of Fran. to control

In the fashion of Empire there was another interesting innovation - 4 type of villages and another primitive nation - Tatars (but in general you could call simply the Nomads, but if so, then okay :-)). Personally, I really liked this idea, along with diplomacy, as large nations with the 19 century are difficult to develop, and the troops are difficult to manage. I repeat, added, 4 type - the village of Fran., The village of Rus, the Arab settlement and just the village, which for some reason was not included in the list of nations in the game on a random map. The village of Fran. and villages of Russia in principle the same, different only buildings and clothing units. The Arab settlement, unlike everyone else, can have a fleet (Turkish yachts), and others - only a merchant ship. All peasants, except the villagers of the village, are being built very quickly. French and Slavic, so let's say the village can be quite well defended, the main thing is to have resources, because no one village can extract resources from mines, only trade. In general, I created a map 4 villages, can download and play ????

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A computer can build mines, although there are no icons of such a building at all

The War of Diplomacy

Very cool innovation. Now you can dissolve and create alliances, buy the enemy's trust to achieve a common goal - in general, the game appeared much more variety. Destroy the enemy base or chase after the last peasant in a distant mine is no longer necessary, it is enough to reach the city center and destroy most of the garrison. When capturing an enemy, you can make him your vassal (you can constantly take from him 25% of his resources), take an indemnity (resources), enlist soldiers (300 units), destroy the whole city. You can also hire spies, but as I understand, they are needed when you play with the fog of war. They will simply open a place on the enemy base. Thanks to such innovations, everyone wants to download the game as a torrent.

Shooting range

Unlike Cossacks Again War, в Империи теперь стрелки имеют гораздо больший урон при стрельбе, но могут промахиваться. Также снижена скорость перезарядки и отключена возможность стрелять сквозь своих без потерь от дружественного огня. Теперь стрелкам придется выглядывать из-под рукопашных воинов для выстрела. Благодаря этому ценность стрелков немного уменьшилась, что позволяет использовать больше различных тактик для ведения боя.


The game aroused so much interest that it led to the creation of mods for this game. Here ThentyZ created the mod "Empire: European Wars", Also quite large, but rather chaotic, since it was done by one person, and he was not a designer or a programmer, but simply used the tools that were at hand.


Departures and new bugs. Only I began to play in the Empire, immediately there began some sorties. I do not even understand why this is so. On a normal game on a random card a couple of times it happens. It's good that I manage to stay on time. Of course, the Cossacks Empire is a huge fashion, it's really hard to follow everything. This is not even comparable to the third Cossacks - here it seems like a lot of updates, it seems a lot of changes, but in practice, there is almost nothing. And then there's a mod, mod ... So a couple of flights for me - it's forgivable.

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Well, new bugs also appeared - take for example a fairly common bug - if you put mines in the map editor, then in the game there are different buildings, for example, a stable. Therefore, we have to put them in the game.

The complexity of managing large nations. Well, as I said, it's pretty hard to manage, say, Austria in the 19 century. Here and the Guards Barracks, Fortress, Stables with a huge number of cavalry, barracks 18 century, barracks 17 century. And they all release units, and they need to be pumped, and also to gather in detachments. The Academy is generally filled with upgrades as much as 2 pages. And then all this army needs to be controlled, while watching the formation of a new one. In general, I play only for the villages.

In general, I advise everyone to download the game Cossacks Empire through torrent, who liked Cossacks Again War. It will be very interesting and exciting.

Download game Cossacks Empire torrent

From our site you can download game Cossacks Empire, download the torrent file with the content necessary for downloading. If you downloaded the game from the torrent, and it does not start, try reading the instruction How to launch Cossacks (FAQ), there you will find solutions to problems with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. To work the game will need a way similar to the game Cossacks Again War.


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  1. Why there are no voltagers?

    1. К сожалению, с момента вашего прошлого комментария изменений в моде не было, поэтому их и нету. А причины могут быть разные: может быть, авторы просто забыли про это, может им было лень, может они просто не хотели еще усложнять игру. Может еще их главной целью было принцип игры, а всю историческую часть, как в оригинале, обрезали.
      Ну вообще, я думаю, что можно было бы заменить мушкетера 19 века на как раз таки вольтижёра.

  2. Flies when you save, because of what?

    1. I do not know. I myself also flies, only also during the game. It saves persistent saving in several different files.

  3. Morion, yes, and still in Hungary AI is invalid, as in the original and voltigerov there!

  4. The trouble is, the game starts, but all the colors for some reason are not displayed correctly, can someone tell?

  5. Raw fashion, I do not recommend playing. Sometimes you do not see some research in the academy, such as the condition of building a frigate and a battleship and a balloon, and even if you build a battleship or frigate, there is a chance that after a while the badge of the actual battleship or frigate will disappear, and you will only build something one, and not the fact that you can not build it later, you'll be fighting one galleys -_- And one very unpleasant bug, this is when you study - the extraction of a stone is increased by 4 times, then the icon disappears - to increase the extraction by 2 times. On the contrary, ie at first in 2 times, did not try. That's all I could see. The installation was spent with needles, so no one would think. In general, crude mode, unfinished.

  6. sema, глюк с зернистым экраном даёт explorer.exe. It can be cut down in one simple way: 1. Create a text file in Notepad. 2. Leave there @echo off taskkill / f / im explorer.exe dmcr start explorer 3. Change the extension to .bat. 4. Start the game through this file. 5. PROFIT!!!
    Впредь нужно запускать игру через него.

  7. Александр, для того, чтобы собрать юнитов в отряд, нужны офицер, барабанщик, знаменосец и определённое количество солдат (15, 36, 72, 120, 196 и т. д.).

  8. Я вот только не совсем понял. Officially, this game has not yet come out? Is this just a beta version? Заранее спасибо.

  9. у меня пиксели разноцветные на эеране как исправить?

  10. У меня, почему-то, когда я загружаю карту из редактора, все поставленные угольные и железные шахты превращаются в конюшни и кузницы. Что делать?

  11. sorry for the question but this is not an inconvenience?

  12. Is there an editor?

  13. And the editor is ????????

  14. in vvklladdd64, Казаки Империя идет на любую Windows 7, но у меня она идет только с очень быстрым скроллингом, поэтому хоть все и отображается правильно, но играть все равно невозможно

  15. but will go to 7 extended? Because many with glitches.

  16. and on 7 Windows goes

  17. ShefTo create frigates and battleships, you need to make appropriate upgrades to them in the Academy.

  18. I did not understand something. At me all is developed, but and where frigates and battleships. Even the icons in DIP and on the port do not. Tell me how to make frigates and battleships. I have a computer, but I do not.

  19. launched ... Hooray ... there are all companies and missions dofig here I think super! I played, it turned out ((((I tried to play for the company in Ukraine so I can not play with my own strength, the arrangement of forces is terrible, to kill 1 the janissary 10 the Cossacks fell, before as the seeds came, and if I put the slow game mode so the mill turned even more twisted, waves I do not really know how quickly I splash. Vopshchem I do not know if my map is a supernova topi bugs .. Maybe there is a file where you can correct all this?

  20. At me on 7 why that there was an inversion of color, the patch downloaded from it, does not help what to do?

  21. how to run on Win 8?

  22. Thanks for the work you've done! I noticed such a glitch. When the opponent ends with gold, the game crashes. Can I fix this?

  23. Artyom, Thanks smile

  24. robust website

  25. I clearly thank you for the answer

  26. QWERTY, Developers have not altered the computer specifically for this mode, so he develops himself further ...

  27. And then everywhere the computer goes into the empire, if it's just Cossacks then in the 18 century, but you can not because you set it in the settings without the 18 century, the glitch goes out in all parts of one non-working function of the epochs

  28. QWERTY, Да никак вроде…

  29. how to cancel the 18 century, the comp passes into 18 and then into the 19 century

  30. Dmitry2705, No, they posted it on, but this is not their site.

  31. It's clear, thanks haha ​​answers, and developers have of. site?

  32. Dmitry2705, Diplomatic Center

  33. And what is DIP?

  34. It's a pity, but it's very inconvenient ...

  35. Dmitry2705This question has already been raised in one forum. Result: people have reconciled to this.

  36. It's clear, but who knows how to reduce scrolling to the same extent as in the Again War? (Put on a minimum, but still too fast),
    And yet, in my game all the animations are very fast, for example water washing the shore, mill, etc. , how to make it slower?

  37. Dmitry2705, Yes ... I liked to play for the village, even did map for the Empire
    VIT, You do not need to install anything, just run dmcr.exe

  38. Please tell me how to install?

  39. I do not know about the rest, but I really liked it, especially diplomacy. ????

  40. ///////////

  41. Epic, It is a pity that now these developers as in the water sunk ....

  42. Truly this is wonderful! This game of course can not be forgotten, so there were people who continue to improve it! Keep it up!

  43. There are a lot of changes !!! I think you will like this global fashion.

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