Download Cossacks: Again War of the torrent (+ compatibility with Windows 7, 8, 10)

Name: Cossacks: Again War (v. 1.35)
Release date: October 17 2002
Genre: Real-time strategy
Developer: GSC Game World
Publisher: CDV Software Entertainment
Interface language: only Russian
Multiplayer: Up to 7 players on the local network and the Internet


Cossacks: Again War (Cossacks: Back To War) — стратегия в жанре RTS (real-time strategy — стратегия в реальном времени) выпущенная украинской компанией GSC Game World в 2001 году. Игроку предоставляется возможность выбрать одну из 20 наций и поучаствовать во впечатляющих по масштабам сражений 17-18 века в Европе. Более подробное описание можно посмотреть here.


Скачав игру Казаки: Снова Война через торрент you can once again plunge into the massive battles on the battlefields of Europe 16-18 centuries. In addition to the gaming capabilities of the first add-on (Cossacks: The Last Argument of the Kings) in Cossacks: Again War added about 100 new missions. Also, you can find several new campaigns and immerse yourself in these unique times.

This add-on to the famous strategy of "Cossacks" is dedicated to the wars 16 - the beginning of the 17 century, when the scattered feudal militia turned into a serious regular army.

The game features nations that emerged in the military and political arena at this time, for example, the Swiss Confederation, which played a key role in the process of turning the militia into an army, the main figure in which was an infantryman. The Swiss also created an advanced system of supply and recruitment of military units. Also they have quite a a good fleet.

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The Hungarian army also made a big leap. Combining the military tactics of the European and Turkish armies, Hungary actively and successfully fought. The tactics of light cavalry and infantry in many European countries were largely borrowed from the Hungarian army.

Самая выдающая особенность — это геймплей. Благодаря ей до сих пор существует огромное число поклонников этой игры во многих странах мира. В Казаках присутствует много разновидностей юнитов, также морского транспорта — кораблей. Радует то, что практически идеально слиты экономика и военные действия в данной стратегии. А это удаётся далеко на каждой игре. Поэтому многие пользователи хотят download Cossacks Again War free.

What changed

  • 100 new single missions
  • 4 difficulty level
  • 2 New Nation: Switzerland and Hungary
  • A unique architecture for every nation - more than 20 new buildings
  • 4 new Swiss unit
  • 4 new Hungarian unit
  • New unit: Bedwin - on a camel (Turkey and Algeria)
  • System of online championships
  • The ability to view the championships unlimited number of players in real time
  • Improved artificial intelligence
  • The game does not require running previous versions of the game.

Installation manual

Mount the image in Daemon Tools. Run the installer and follow its instructions.

Troubleshoot startup problems

Here is a brief start-up action plan Cossacks Again War. If you are left with something that is not clear, then I advise you to read this article.

Compatible with Windows 7

That there was no problem with colors, it is necessary at the start of the game to complete the process explorer.exe. When you exit the game, you also have to run explorer.exe from the task manager or through the command "Run" (Win + R). To not do all this manually, download patch for windows 7, throw it into the folder with the game and run the game through it. If after that the game did not start normally, then download patch for new graphics cards, переименуйте файл ddraw.dll в mdraw.dll и положите его в папку с игрой.

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Solution for Windows 8

  1. Download the this archive, unpack to the folder with the game with the replacement of files.
  2. Next, look for the dmcr.exe file, right-click on it, click Properties, then go to the Compatibility tab and set the parameters shown in the picture:

If you fail, you can try a patch for new video cards, which is specified in the method above for Windows 7.

Running Cossacks on Windows 10

We are looking for dmcr.exe in the folder with the game, select Properties-> Compatibility-> Run the tool to fix compatibility issues. If after this game does not work, then try the following:

  1. Go to Control Panel> Programs and Features> Turn Windows Components On or Off
  2. We find the folder "Components of previous versions", open it, and put a tick in front of "DirectPlay".

If you have ddraw.dll in the game folder and the game does not start, try deleting it. Or if you do not have it, then try to run the game with it (this is a patch for new video cards, which is specified in the way for Windows 7)

Cossacks again war on the network

Much water has flowed under the bridge since the time when the game came out Cossacks Again War ... For many players, the game on the network became unimaginably complicated, especially when the GameSpy server was disconnected, where the owners of the pirate version of the game played (almost 100% of players). But since the community of this game is still quite large, then quickly found such people who have found a way out of this situation. And they created a special server for the game Cossacks, where you can continue to play on the network, as in the good old days. And I repeat, because the GameSpy server was disabled, now all the players have wandered off who to where, because for the game on the network there are different versions of the game. If you can not figure out how to play on the network with other players, then I advise you to read the article "How to play online in Cossacks".

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Mission "Political relations".
Mission "Political relations". It can be downloaded on our website.
Mission "Good friend" in Cossacks: Again War
Mission "Good friend". Of all the single missions, she liked me the most. I pereprohodil it several times.
Mission "FIFA 2006. France-Italy" in Cossacks: Again War
Typical war. Usually this happens on a random map and millions of resources, but this frame is taken from the mission.
Mission "Russian fortress"
Mission "Russian fortress"

Video games Cossacks

As for the video, it is closer to the real game on the network, though there are experienced players playing over the network for many years. For a beginner, this is unrealistic. But if you want, you can read a couple of articles on development, and after a few dozen battles, you can more or less hone your skills on millions or any other option.

Download game Cossacks Again war free in Russian

This link you can download the Russian version of the game Cossacks Again the war on your personal computer. I recommend that after downloading familiarize yourself with the features of launching Cossacks: Back To War on Windows 7, 8, 10, so that nothing interferes with your game.


Download via torrent (Jubilee collection of strategies from GSC). You can install any game from there (4.18 GB).


Download via torrent (play separately) (288 MB)


  1. не открывается казаки снова вой на винда 8

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    1. CRFXFK


      Скачал файл не открывается пишет DAEMON Tools lite доступ запрещён что делать w10

    2. Проблема в Daemon Tools Lite. Попробуйте переустановить программу или отключить антивирус.

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  4. Alexey, It's because of autosave. Turn off autosave and will not hang

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    download here is the same patch for windows 7, and a patch for new graphics cards, I launch the same problem, I scribbled all the Internet, what to do?

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