Liberation of Ukraine

The army of the Turks invaded the Ukrainian lands. You stayed with a small detachment in the camp. You need to quickly get to the fortified village, where you have to create a huge and strong army for a powerful rebuff to the enemy.

To find out the road to the village, release the priest, who is guarded by detachments of officers and Turkish infantry. After that, you can stumble on the squad of mercenary Rundasiers - it's best to pay them 5000 gold, because otherwise they will raid your squad, after all the mission can be lost.
After arriving at the fortress, you can not do upgrades to Serueuk and Sich Cossacks, because there will be so many of them to the enemy's arrival that they will straighten it out at once. Also, I advise you to attack the archers, who have come off the infantry, with Sich Cossacks. After the arrival of the infantry, you can step back.

Author: [GOTT] LuGaNSk

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