Coastal mission

You are at the head of a small French squad consisting of 15 pumped musketeers 18 century. The command set a goal for you: to destroy all the robbers on this coastal territory. You can try to perform the task directly, or you can get yourself into the confidence of the robbers. After completing all their instructions, you can then destroy them yourself.

I can say that the easiest way is the second one, since you will have to fight with the weak and small protection of French villages, which can not resist strong hired dragoons of the 11th century.

If you use the first method, then in the very beginning of the mission you must destroy a strong detachment of Sich Cossacks (mercenaries), after that, your unit usually has 5 units. Further, when you go to the transporter near the shore, a squad of robbers attacks the second French village, which quickly overtakes your handful of people and the mission here usually ends in defeat.

Author: @lexander

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