2 Russian Commander: Revenge for the Murdered

Turkey is at war with the Holy League, which includes Russia and Saxony. However, the general of the Russian fortress quarreled with the Saxons, as a result of which they took the fortress under their control. You - the Russian general, who is at the head of the detachments, consisting of Don Cossacks, squads of pikemen and pikemen of a new generation. Your primary task is to capture the Russian fortress, which is near you. You can also take with you a small detachment of Ukrainians, which is on the west of you. Hint: Take the Moldovan to your service. After that, run to them around the fortress. The towers around the fortress will begin to self-destruct. After they are completely destroyed, you can bring all the troops to the gates of the fortress. If during the assault you could not keep the priest, then nothing terrible will happen. Your main task is to capture the Saxon base in the northwest of the map. Be careful: the fortress is well guarded from the sea and from land: frigates at sea, a chain of towers, powerful walls and musketeers of the new generation guard the Saxon city. Grab two Turkish stables in the north-east of the map, where you can hire Bedouins.

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