Kill the Turkish commander

Author: @lexander

You are an English general. You have a small detachment of faithful pikemen and a Ukrainian priest who treats your soldiers. You are given the task - by any means to destroy the Turkish general, who is in his fortified fortress. This task may seem difficult for you, because you have only 15 soldiers at your disposal, and you need to break through and grab the whole fortress. However, you will still find a way out of this situation.

It is worth noting that the mission is passable, and you can go through the mission in two ways. When the mission begins, there are two roads ahead: one leads to the north, the other to the west. I somehow decided to go to the west, and immediately came across a squad of robbers. Then I miraculously managed to keep all the pikemen. For the rest of the time I did not often manage to do this. Then it seemed a small Ukrainian village. It's strange that there was not a single commander there, as usually they usually are in other missions. Then there was another ramification - I decided to go north. An enemy detachment was waiting for me there, the Turks. I had to start anew the mission.

Then I realized that there were only enemies in the west, and decided to go north. In the north there was an allied settlement of Russians. They said to go to the western gate, because there is waiting for me an unknown merchant. He offers: to give help on the terrain (in return you need to give the priest) and give the transport for 1000 gold. By the way, if you have less than 1000 gold, then you can still buy a transport.

If you give the priest, the merchant points you to the pirate base, where they will give you peasants to build the settlement and 5 mounted riflemen to guard. After that, you land on the north shore (from a pirate settlement) and build your city. By the way, in the east there are all deposits of minerals, but for gold it will be necessary to compete with the equestrian patrol of the Turks.

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And if you do not give the priest, then on the horizon appears a lonely Sich Cossack standing on the shore - he is the owner of the western Ukrainian village. After a meeting with him, you go to his village together and he gives it to you. You develop it and quietly destroy the Turkish fortress.

It all boils down to the fact that you are building your settlement, developing it (you can, for example, calmly take the enemy by a small crowd of mercenaries) and defeat the Turkish general. That's it.

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