Abandoned mine

There are rumors that there is an abandoned mine, in which there is a lot of untouched gold! However, you need to fool everyone to get it!

Author: @lexander

The mission is very good, but there is a mistake in terms of the failure of the script, because of which it will take a lot of time. So, you begin to build your city on the lands unknown to you. They say that in these places there is an abandoned mine, where there is a lot of gold. You need to find it and get gold from there.

You are given 5 Danish peasants to build your settlement, but some peasants do not know how to build a building, including a stable, a diplomatic center, an 18 century barracks ... As long as your peasants are building the city, you are going to travel in search of a mine.

First we go to the nearby Polish settlement, where it says that everyone wants to make friends with pirates (in fact they should not be called pirates, because they do not have a single ship) and to make an alliance, you need to go to the city in the south- west.

To be honest, it is not necessary to develop your settlement very much, because the robbers appear only twice, and even some mercenary archers. When you go to the south-western city, take 15 pikemen with you, they will definitely be enough to deal with the robbers. The second time you can do without the army at all.

After the union is concluded, the pirates can go through the northern gate and through a narrow mountain path in the west. We go to the officer who is near the city center. After talking with him, you need to release the so-called "Know-it-all", which should take you to the mine. By the way, the area where the mine is located, and is not highlighted, so you'll have to look for yourself. It is located northeast of 2 settlement and south of 1 settlement of Poles.

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After you and the merchant came to the place, you need to go to his nephew, who is on the very north of the map. That's where there are bandits. The raytar can be stopped, and then there will be no skirmishes with them, and if the main character goes further, then he will have to fight with mercenary archers again. Then we take the nephew-peasant and extract gold. And then - victory.

The mission is not war-oriented on the map. The key is the plot, but in the middle it is a little underworked.

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