Your Army has gathered for the decisive battle with the English. If you save your people or not, it will still be your last battle. Break into the enemy city by twenty soldiers to carry out sabotage, and then the victory will be yours.

To accomplish the task, a huge Ukrainian army, well-trained and well-trained, is transferred to your control. But you are confronted with even more advanced troops: many hussars, raytars, musketeers from different countries and generations, this international armada will protect the last city from your invasion.

To be honest, there is nothing difficult in this mission. It is important to interact with each type of unit. Who knows how to command huge armies, then this mission will not seem so difficult. And if you are a beginner, it will be very difficult for you to achieve victory, because you do not know how to plan combat tactics yet. Everything is very simple. To begin with, a detachment of hired dragoons must be taken back so that the enemy hussars do not have time to cover up the detachment and destroy it. After that, you need to select all the hearts and send them to attack the place of the detachment of dragoons. After that, we select all the cavalry and send it to the same place where we sent the serdiuk. Then we are attacked by an enemy detachment, after which we select all the units, except for the hetman. Now the most important thing is not to let the cavalry go far. When the fight with the arrows begins, we shoot the horsemen forward, and when the hand-to-hand units (reyters, hussars) came forward, we shield the shooters. Then you go with the fight in the desired area and win.

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