Life of a pirate

You are one of the pirates. Destroy all enemies in its path.
Whether you think about it or continue to do the same things, it's up to you!

Quite simple
mission. First you, the lone officer, the leader of the bandits (Swedish reytar) gives
task: destroy the protection of the Russian settlement, which is located north of the base
robbers. And gives 10 pumped musketeers 17 century. The power of the shot is 23. And this
means that this unit may well at once kill several
which is very good. What would be imperceptible to destroy the protection, to us
you need to climb the hill, and then you can safely destroy part

I advise you to gently kill the spearmen, since serfs
You may need to destroy your squad. Once you have captured the village, you can
develop it a little. We take peasants, we build a barracks, an academy, a stable. Can
make 15 Don Cossacks, they are enough to complete the mission. True,
they were at me prokachennye: attack-23, protection - 5.

We go to the commander of pirates. He gives a new task. Necessary
destroy the protection of the Ukrainian settlement. Here the peasants can not be seized,
so it's better not to bother. We gather all the units, and we go into the attack dense
system, rather than one unit. Then the village will be completely captured.

We come back to the Swedish raitar. He says that while
he has no assignments, and you can rest. This is where I advise you to survive.
After that comes the choice: to remain a pirate or go over to the Russian side?

Stay pirate. Then the pirate commander beckons you and asks you to destroy the guards again
Russian settlement in the north-east of the map and free the peasants to
built a port of pirates. To complete this task, he gives to your
the order of all his soldiers. After that, he gives you one more, the last
task - to destroy the commander of the Russians, who is in the southern fortress. By
On the way to the fortress you will be met by hostile Russian detachments,
which will meet with the western road and the eastern road. Destroy the wall
can be Danish Musketeers 18 century, they are the only ones who know how to do it.
After that, we destroy the Russian commander, and we won.

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Go to the side
You go to their commander, who is in the southern fortress and he
gives you an order: to destroy the base of pirates. For this task in your
disposal are all Russian pikiners 18 century. However, they quickly
shoot down the enemy musketeers. In the event of the destruction of the detachment, I advise you to take
a little troops from the Russian settlement that you captured earlier.

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