Tatar Fashion for the game Cossacks: Again War

Now in the game Cossacks Again War is the nation of the Tatars! I call it a super-turn ????

Now on 1000 0 Fri they can smash anyone, even Algeria!
Installation: zakidyvaem file in the folder with the game and run the game.
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  1. how to install a mod?

  2. pancake, I need that in a random card was, I once remembered the game this way so tatars were, so I mocked them) 1 unit of the powerful shot against the crowd released) and where now find e nayu (

  3. Alex, The nation is shown only in the editor, it was shown earlier in a random map, but now it does not, but it does not work at all.

  4. I did not go (why? I threw in the folder with the game and nothing

  5. without, Yes, long time no longer working ....

  6. download link not working.Fara.

  7. If something needs to be fixed, write on the forum or here.

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