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Name: Завоевание Америки: Антология (American Conquest: Anthology)
Year: 2006
Genre: Strategy (Real-time)
Developer: GSC Game World
Publisher: Russobit-M
Interface language: Russian
Publication Type: RePack
Tablet: Present

Composition of the edition:

  1. Conquest of America (American Conquest)
  2. Conquest of America: In Search of the Eldorado (American Conquest: Fight Back)
  3. Conquest of America: The American Nation / (American Conquest: Divided Nation)

Game Review

Завоевание Америки — классическая стратегия в реальном времени (RTS), вышедшая 18 декабря 2002 года. Она посвящена войнам на Американском континенте. Игра охватывает более трехвековой период войн и завоеваний — начиная с освоения Америки Колумбом (1492 г.) до Гражданской войны в США (1861-1865 гг., в American Conquest: Divided Nation). Вас ждет огромное количество кампаний, одиночных миссий и захватывающих войн на случайной карте.

Screenshot from the game Conquest of America
Screenshot from the game

The player will face a variety of nations - along with all the additions they are recruited as much as 21 (!) Nation. Each nation has its own characteristics that reflect its real life. Therefore, choosing a particular nation, it is better to get acquainted with its advantages and disadvantages. It is good in this game that all factions in the game are balanced and have equal chances (with knowledge of tactics) to win.

Comparison with Cossacks

The game is very similar to the previous development of GSC Game World - the game "Cossacks". However, in comparison with the Cossacks, the developers decided on some changes and added some new features. The game differs from the Cossacks with a huge number of unique units in the game, a mode of perspective for tracking huge battles, new combat parameters that affect the course of the game - combat experience and a penchant for panic.

In general, if you start playing in American Conquest after the Cossacks, then you will find that there are not any serious changes there. All the same construction of the base, troops, extraction of resources, the types of which also did not change. Unless it is necessary again to grope the balanced tactics of game against contenders.

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The Conquest of America battles
One of the Batalies in Perspective Mode

GSC tried to add a bit of diplomacy to the game - added the Indian tribes scattered on the map, which for a fee can send you troops, or attack the enemy themselves in many ways. For this, one must send one of its leaders, shamans, officers. At the beginning of the game, if you have enough money, this has a really good result, but when the enemy builds up a bunch of buildings and generally terrorizes you, even by combining the forces of all such tribes, you will not be able to reverse the course of the situation. Unless you constantly order warriors from them, which is very tiring, as it is done manually and there is no automatic ordering of units.

In the original game The Conquest of America was 12 nations - Britain, France, USA, Spain, Maya, Aztecs, Incas, Hurons, Iroquois, Delaware, Pueblo, Sioux. AT FOR: In search of Eldorado Added another 5 nations - Germany, Portugal, Russia, the Netherlands and the Indian tribe of Hyde. It is not difficult to guess that in the FOR: The Nation was divided into parts of the United States as separate nations - the Union (North in the Civil War), the Confederates (South in the Civil War), the Republic of Texas and Mexico, which owned part of today's US states.

As it was already written above, in the game American Conquest there are a huge number of campaigns: in the original game you are waiting for 8 campaigns:

  1. The Spanish ("The Age of Discoveries and Victories") is a training campaign devoted to the expeditions of Christopher Columbus to America.
  2. The Spanish ("The Collapse of the Empire of Tahuantinsuyu") - is dedicated to the conquest of the Spaniards under the leadership of Francisco Pizarro of the Inca Empire.
  3. British ("Seven Years War") - for England in the Seven Years' War in North America.
  4. French ("Seven Years War") - for France in the Seven Years' War in North America.
  5. Sioux (The Tectum Rebellion) is an Indian war led by leader Tecumse against the Americans.
  6. The American ("Tecumse Uprising") - the player heads the army of Americans under the command of William Henry Harrison, overwhelming the uprising of the natives of America.
  7. British ("War of Independence") - a campaign for the war for US independence, speech on the side of the British.
  8. American ("War of Independence") - a campaign for the war for US independence, a speech on the side of the Americans.
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Online game

The network game in the Conquest of America, to be honest, is not very developed. There are very few players on the servers, and after the GameSpy server was closed, the popularity of the game over the network fell even more. Unless it is possible to play on a network through Hamachi, GameRanger.

As for me, the gameplay leaves much to be desired. Despite the fact that new countries have appeared, various tactics of the game have appeared, the units have a lot of different weapons, everything has ruined the possibility of driving units into buildings for defense. Now the buildings are turning into real defensive structures. And the more units in the building, the better it is protected. The whole point of the game comes down to making a bunch of units, stupidly go and capture all the buildings of the enemy. And for the Indians to do it is extremely difficult, because they have a level of panic much higher than that of Europeans. Although the Indians are easier to break the advancing troops on them in the battle on the field. Well, you can destroy mines, although this does not help much on large resources.

There is an interesting battle mode where you can fight both with a computer (they are executed in the form of missions, where after the victory a new one opens) and with a friend over the network. If you do not like to develop the economy and want to manage the armies, then this choice is for you.

Download America's Conquest: Divided Nation

Завоевание Америки: Разделенная Нация — это второе самостоятельное дополнение, разработанное немецкой компанией Revolution of Strategy GmbH. Дополнение вышло в январе 2006 во Франции и для остального мира в феврале 2006 и включается в себя 4 новых нации в трех новых военных периодах — Север и Юг в Гражданской войне, Республику Техас и Мексику, одиночную битву войны 1812 года и более чем 120 новых юнитов.

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The old factions are not represented in the game, but you can play for the United States of America against the British Empire in the battle for New Orleans in the war of 1812. However, due to the lack of buildings and peasants, it is impossible to play in either a single or multiplayer game for one country.

Units from the battles can be accessed outside the multiplayer, just write Enter to open the chat, write a message "qwe", and press the P key. The editor window will open in the upper right corner, where you can select the player's color, and zappaniat any unit game. The game also brings many new features to the game, such as equestrian artillery, field fortifications, tents and generals.

Players can participate in battles, completely new to the RTS genre, from the battle of the Alamo to the battle for Gettysburg. Hawk's Divided Nation, another mod from the Hawks Group, whose goal was to make the game more realistic by removing buildings, workers and two other nations, replacing sounds, and adding maps based on real battles in the American Civil War in which each side is controlled by the player.

System requirements:

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 256 Mb
Video card: 64 Mb
Audio Card: 16bit
Hard disk space: 1.94 Gb


I did not find the official trailer, I hope this video will show you the full picture of this game.

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