Heroes of Annihilated Empires

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Name: Heroes of the destroyed empires (Heroes of Annihilated Empires)
Genre: Real-time strategy / RPG
Developer: GSC Game World
Publisher: GSC World Publishing
Interface language: Russian
Medicine: Present
Release date: October 6 2006

The plot of the game

Action game Heroes of Annihilated Empires unfolds on the Atlas peninsula of the fictitious world of Aquador. In this world there are no people, but it is filled with fairy-tale creatures - like elves and undead. Suddenly, the city of Dawn, populated by elves, begins to besiege a huge army, presumably orcs. Defending the city, the elven army begins to retreat. The main character, a young Pathfinder, an elf named Elkhant, goes to his defense. Moving towards the city, he meets the commander-amazon, who informs Elkhanta that the city was attacked by the undead, and decides to retreat. The ranger is outraged by her position, continues to go further, as she is going to protect the remaining townspeople within the city limits.

Download Heroes of the Annihilated Empires torrent

On the approach to Zarya, Elkhant turns out to dissuade a group of spearmen and cover the departure of the townspeople, also enlisting the support of a woodpecker. But the rapid onset of zombies and skeleton warriors begins to crowd out a small army of elves. The ranger orders the remaining soldiers to retreat into the forest, while he himself tries to defend himself in the tower on the outskirts of the city. But by this time, the undead crushes all the might on the only defender of the city. At this critical moment for Elkhanta, the same Amazon he met on approach to Zarya, flies to the tower on horseback on the griffin and rescues Elkhanta from the advancing army. The elf is represented by Lana, the daughter of the governor of Montfort, and is indignant at the actions of the Pathfinder, as he killed many soldiers, but Elkhant objects to her, saying that he could not leave the townspeople to the mercy of fate. Montford gathers the army from the elves who have hidden in the forest. The tracker wants to go to him and talk to him.

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Download Heroes of the Annihilated Empires torrent

The game was conceived as the first part of the trilogy of the same name, as the plot of the game left many questions and riddles, the answers to which should be given in the following parts. First of all, it's worth saying that the game turned out to be a mixture of RTS (real-time strategy) and RPG (role-playing game). And this is not surprising, as GSC Game World became famous for its real-time strategy "Cossacks", the elements of which were embedded here. Therefore, many people liked the game, as a result of which many download Heroes of Annihilated Empires on the PC.

Although the story basically still have to walk alone. The main thing that catches your eye when passing the plot is that when the strength of the hero increases, it is not the strength of the enemy that increases, but their number. Also, we will have to look for interesting objects and improvements hidden everywhere, and they are rather well hidden.

Well, the strategic part of the game is very similar to the "Cossacks", only much simplified. 4 Races - Elves, Krialtsy, Mechanics, Undead. The principle of the game is the same - we are developing the base, we are extracting resources, we are building an army, we are breaking up the opponents. Types of resources in all 4 - food, wood, iron and crystals. Thanks to the sprite graphics, which is also used in the "Cossacks", it is possible to organize wars with numerous armies.

Features of the game

If you doubt whether it's worth downloading Heroes of Annihilated Empires through the torrent, then look at the list of game features:

  • The possibility of simultaneous presence on the battlefield of thousands of armies
  • Realistic physics of destruction
  • Skeletal animation
  • Terraforming in real time
  • Using vertex and per-pixel shaders
  • Revolutionary technology for modeling buildings, based on the "degreyde" of three-dimensional models
  • View maps in the "free camera" mode.
  • Harmonious combination of 3D and 2D elements.
  • Innovative symbiosis of two genres - RTS and RPG.
  • Mass battles of many thousands of armies.
  • Four unique races, individual skills, spells and artifacts.
  • 12 heroes, 12 neutral races, 100 units and 150 different buildings.
  • More than 150 magic items and more 100 spell types.
  • An original and fascinating plot of a single player game.
  • Classic battle mode over a local network or via the Internet, up to seven players at a time.
  • Combination in the game of two genres: RTS and RPG, with the option of choosing only one of them.
  • The original card system of magical spells, equally interesting to both experienced players and beginners.
  • More than 50 cards with spells.
  • A fascinating process of perfecting the hero throughout the game.
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System requirements:

  • Windows XP OS
  • 2 GHz processor
  • Memory 512 MB
  • 128 MB video, 2.0 shader support
  • Place on the disk 2,5 GB


Download game Heroes of Annihilated Empires through the torrent.
Mount the image, install the game.
Install the patch 1.1.
Unpack the crack in the Data folder of the installed game.

Screenshots of the game

Download Heroes of the Annihilated Empires torrent

Download Heroes of the Annihilated Empires torrent

Download Heroes of the Annihilated Empires torrent

Download Heroes of the Annihilated Empires torrent

Download game Heroes of Annihilated Empires in Russian

If you want to download the game Heroes of Annihilated Empires through the torrent, then use the link below to download the game. I recommend that you read the system requirements and installation instructions in order to avoid possible problems.

Download game via torrent (2.16 GB)

Video Passage of Heroes of Annihilated Empires

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