The 1.35 patch

The 1.35 patch

What it does:

1. Correction of the glitch of the Danish pikiner in the kit.
2. The inscription "Sample card" in Russian.
3. You can order units for 15, 20, 36, 50.
4. Controlling the game through the keyboard can be partially reprogrammed by editing the file hotkey.dat.
5. Hot keys became 24.
5. A message is possible during the game of pre-prepared phrases. Use via Ctrl in chat mode. Samples of the text are in the chat.dat file. Messages can be edited for you.
6. Surrender after confirmation.

This patch has an important advantage over its older brother - Pomor patch, with the patch 1,35a there is no desynchronization and the cheat does not count this patch.

To install, simply replace the files in the root of the Cossacks game with the files from the archive.

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  1. such a problem

  2. Wonderful patch, the game generally stopped running!
    You are my hero!

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