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This patch adds all the missions and campaigns from the versions "The Last Argument of the Kings" and "European Wars", as well as 6 authoring missions (downloaded once on the Internet) in:
  • "Again the War" (v. 1.35)
  • v. M1.35 ("Again the War" with the fashion of Baddog)
  • Mod Empire (if it patched pimp26.03 (and later versions), and in the root folder with the game there is a folder AI_M135 !!!

If suddenly someone has already in the root folder of the game some other patch02.gs1, then you will need to rename the patch02.gs1 file from the Jarek patch to patch03.gs1.

It was checked on versions untethered from a disk. It was checked on the operating system Windows XP SP2.
To the version of 1.36 probably suitable, but not tested.


Installation instructions:
1) make a backup copy of the Missions and UserMissions folders from your game
2) unpack the archive Jarek _patch1.1
3) The contents of the folder are uploaded to the root of the game
4) run the game.


Removing the patch:
1) delete the folders Missions and UserMissions and patch02.gs1 (if you want you can and new maps) from the root of the game;
2) to return your native Missions and UserMissions folders from the backup.
The patch is provided as is, you agree to try it out at your own risk ... Otherwise, do not install!
Questions, comments, found errors or if you have more campaigns and missions and you want to include them in the patch - send to the mail
Good luck!
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