Cossacks: Movie Maker

Quite a few of you have watched well-chosen video clips from pretty well-known games, like FIFA, Counter-Strike, Warcraft and so on. To our game, too, tried to do, but their quality left much to be desired ...
It took a lot of time to select only the right programs and there was always a problem with color inversion in the game, but now all these problems are solved, and now you can easily make a great video of your games - records (.rec files) . It is necessary to express special gratitude to the player [NWO] Tirael for this miracle.
Most importantly, what you should not miss is working with HyperCam. To avoid color inversion, in a video, you need to start recording in HyperCam with hot buttons. You should already include the entry in HyperCam in the included game (game records).
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