Recording cheater games

Map of the game

Player Information
Players Rank Nation Team Color ID
[-NeC-] MeGaBoBeR Graph Ukraine 7 White 259266793
[LEGENDA] REM King Russia 7 Orange 232796778
[Troya] Victor Knight Russia 1 Red 298550242
[DF] NAPO1804 Baron Hungary 2 The black 261001127
[GP] Vizup Esq Ukraine 7 Green 322046434
[Freedom] VADOS Marquis Piedmont 7 Red 212443943
Starting options:
Territory: Continent
Landscape type: Desert
Starting resources: All resources for 681 000
Deposits: Fair
Card size: 16x

Additional options:
Starting options: With many peasants
Balloon Options: Start with the ball
Guns: Standard
Non-aggression time (pt): 60 minutes
18-th Century Options: Already in the 18-th century
Capture Options: Apart from the centers and peasants
Auto-save options: Every 6 min

Exchanges made:
Player Color Resource to be sold Purchased resource Quantity
The black Coal Gold 836153
White Hardware Coal 333921
Red Gold Tree 265135
Orange Tree Gold 243078
Red Gold Stone 900596
Blue Hardware Stone 713075
Red Coal Gold 473903
Green Gold Coal 451480
Red Gold Stone 140732

Recording properties:
Created 25 May 2011
The size: 272096 Bytes
Time of the game: 3: 13: 15
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