Announcement Stalker 2 and how this will affect the Cossacks 3

Well friends, GSC announced the development of Stalker 2. This was stated by the founder of the studio GSC Game World Sergey Grigorovich:

Many already wrote about this on the Internet, with the article, I certainly was late. This really came as a surprise, because back in 2012, the development was kind of finally stopped, and the company was closing.

It is clear that having such brands as "Cossacks" and "STALKER" with a huge audience of fans in different countries, waiting for the release of a new part, they need to be released. This is a good profit and another glory. But the founder himself was not so pragmatic and decided that he can act as he wishes. Maybe he'll release if there's a good idea and the stars in the sky will converge, or not.

Despite even an official statement, most still have big doubts about the release in 2021 year. Given past experience, when 2001 was announced that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. will be released in 2004, it came out only in 2007. And some interesting things that were shown during the development, had not included.

Let at least with the Cossacks everything was determined quite quickly. In general, re-reading preview of "Igromanii" на Казаков 3, думаешь, что действительно может получиться что-то новое и интересное. Причем довольно скоро. Но как оказалось, разработчики задержались и вышла игра слишком привычной. Я думал, что действительно будут включать изменения в игру из авторских модов. Взять тот же State vs Country (про него я напишу чуть позже). Новые юниты, новое разделение эпох, новые типы построения юнитов. Можно было бы включить в игру. Даже вот в конце превью было написано:

That's the group's response to the detachments they want to implement. To not the main one in the pack for all the broadcasts, and the many-voiced chorus turned out.

And where is it? In addition to "Hay-yo!" Nothing is there. And even about the artillery, which rolls by itself, and about which almost every second spoke, do not want to talk at all.

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Well, in general, it seems to me that about the Cossacks 3 at such a rate will soon be forgotten again, and if Stalker 2 will be successful, then even more so.

And what should the Cossacks 3 do? Everyone who had money, the game has already bought, probably. Beginners will not want to buy an old game in a new wrapper. What I think could be done to increase the popularity of Cossacks 3:

Reduce the cost of the game to 2-3 $ (Grigorovich says that he has enough money, then why bend the price in 14 $?)

  1. Make all DLC free
  2. Implement the development of author's mods in the game
  3. Add new countries (from America, Asia, Africa), perhaps the emergence of a new mode of global war
  4. Fix errors that have migrated from the old game

In my opinion, this would increase the popularity of the game (pirates can not be played on the network, by the way). Although, the developers have their own vision of the project.

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