Cheat codes for the game Cossacks 3

Everybody knows perfectly well that in September 2016 the new part of the Cossacks series appeared - Cossacks 3. It attracted both old players who are tired of fixing problems with launching Cossacks on their new computers. And new, never played in any of the games of the famous series. As a result, many players can not cope with such a complex game mechanics. The computer now and then wins at all levels of complexity. It also happens that just do not have enough troops to finish off the enemy at the very end of the mission. Therefore, often the players want a little extra help. And they are looking for codes for 3 Cossacks.

As in the previous parts of the series, cheat codes for third Cossacks almost did not change. They have almost the same functions. This is the addition of additional resources, the ability to instantly create units and buildings, remove the fog of war. The peculiarity of the 3 Cossacks is that in addition to all this added new features: the ability to turn on the free camera mode (you can look at objects from different angles), and the opening of all missions in the campaign.

How to enter codes in Cossacks 3?

To enter cheat codes during the game, press the Enter key. In the left corner there will be a box with the inscription "Say". Enter the code from the list below.

Cossacks 3 how to enter codes
Open the cheat code input menu
Cossacks 3 how to enter codes
Enter the required code
Cossacks 3 how to enter codes
Enjoy the game

Cheats for Cossacks III

Список чит-кодов «Казаки 3»:

  • showallmissions — доступ ко всем миссиям;
  • res "resource name" "quantity" — получите столько ресурсов, сколько захотите: еда (food), камень (stone), древесина (wood), золото (gold), железо (iron), уголь (coal) или все ресурсы (all). Пример чит-кода: res food 100000 (добавляет 10 000 еды) или res all 20000000 (добавляет 20 000 000 всех ресурсов);
  • freecamera — свободная камера. Меняйте высоту, угол обзора камеры, используя комбинации клавиш PageUp or PageDown. Кнопка Home returns the camera to its original value. To view the map from different angles, hold Ctrl and the mouse wheel. You can increase by holding Ctrl and scrolling the mouse wheel.
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To access the main menu, press the F10.

To switch between players, turn off NumLock and use the buttons: Num 1 - Num 7 ... To destroy buildings or selected units, press Share.

For the next two functions, you will need to enter a cheat code www. Он дополнительно помогает узнать свой FPS. Этот код был заимствован из Cossacks Again War и выполняет следующие функции:

For the code for units, use the English key P. Выбирайте нацию, юнитов и место, куда вы хотите их переместить. При помощи кнопки F9 or Esc you can exit this mode. Do not use displacement on buildings.

Cossacks 3 code for opening a card

To open the whole map (hide the fog of war), press the key combination Ctrl + F after inputting www. By pressing the same combination again, you can hide the map again.

Cossacks 3 codes for immortality

If you are talking about the immortality of units, you can only constantly upgrade at the Academy for the treatment of all living units. Also it is possible to repair all guns and battleships 18 century. However, there is no direct code for immortality.

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