Fashion for Cossacks 3

As someone said, the emergence of mods to the game means a deep interest in the game. So it was in Cossacks 1In Cossacks 2 it was practically not widespread and now again revived in the third part of the Cossacks.

Even in the very first announcement of the game in an interview to the site "Igromanii" developers argued that they highly value the role of modders and provide them with a toolkit in which even the beginner will understand. They even said that some of the elements from the modifications will come into play. While (for June 2018 year) global mods of the level "Empire"Until it appeared, although there is a different engine, and the toolkit is improved, and developers are ready to make edits.

In general, for all mods in the game Cossacks made a separate page on Steam - it is called "Workshop of mods". There you can download all the mods. But this method is not suitable for everyone, since only license holders can download it.

How to install the mod in Cossacks 3 on pirates?

How then to be owners pirated version of Cossacks? You can download some mods in the "Modding"The official game forum. How to install them: you need to throw the mod in the folder mods. It is in the folder with the game. At once I will say that I did not check this method, because I have a license. But I think it should work.

If the mod you want is not already posted in the archive, then you can write in the commentary to this article, and I'll post it on this page.

In the meantime, I will present a list of the most serious mods that were made for the game Cossacks 3:

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List of the largest mods

State vs Country

StatevsCountry Fashion for the game Cossacks

Mod, which covers the periods from 1600 to 1763 year.
They are divided into 4 time periods: Early 17 century, Late 17 age, Beginning of 18 century, 18 century blossoming.

The game involved 16 countries:
Poland, England, Austria, Prussia, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Saxony,
Bavaria, France, Denmark, Venice, Piedmont, Holland, Hungary, Scotland

A complete re-texturing of units, change of upgrades, change of combat constructions,
Addition of the cavalry officer and sergeant, the construction of mixed units: pikeman plus gunsmith.
Added hotkeys for quick selection of units.
Signal-buttons for building squads.
The unit management system has been updated, and the production of units has been introduced in exchange for the peasants.
The conditions for transitions in a new period of time have been changed. *

* Mod is currently focused on playing on land.
The rest of the game is planned to be done later

Author mod: AWAR (creator of the mod "Empire")

It is planned to add new nations: Ukraine and Turkey.

Download can be in official branch on the game forum Cossacks 3.


Mixed detachments 17V: Pikiner plus Musketeer
A complete line of pikemen.
Cuirassiers, raiders, guardsmen in 18V and bloom, when approaching the enemy, they attack, accelerating in attack (they start moving like hussars)
Use of 17B Barracks at the last stage of the game. (The heyday of 18B)

New Terrain Mod (New Landscape)

Actually the name of the mod speaks for itself - the mod adds new textures and visually animates the game, emphasizing that the actions do not take place on an abstract land or uninhabited island, but in a place where there are at least some traces of civilization.
Description (translated from English)

List of innovations:

New landscape options: lakes, rivers and coastal areas. (360 + map mask.)
New seasons: spring and autumn.
New forest options: countryside with farms, taiga (default), black forest (dense forest), temperate forest (new trees are mixed).
New types of trees: willow, oak, beech, birch, cypress, olive tree, poplar, maple, oak bushes
New flowers and ornaments: cabbage, heather, thistle, heather, buildings for the editor (ruins, manors, graves).
New texture maps (summer, winter, autumn, spring)
New world time options: 5 and 15 minutes.
The new card sizes (medium and very large): current sizes: tiny (256), normal (320), medium (400), large (480), very large (560), huge (640)
New options for warships: only with or without warships
New additional starting options: barracks 17 century, blockhouses, village and union of nations.
New variants of starting resources: 10000, 50000, 100000 and 500000.
New options for the diplomatic center: expensive mercenaries, costing 3 times more than usual.
New random map masks (350 +) for existing types of landscapes, which bring more variety in starting positions and terrain, especially for cards with 8 players, and also for maps with 2-7 players.
New templates for a greater variety of landscapes (200 +)
Animated trees. They move toward the wind.
Animals: wild animals, domestic (agricultural) animals and flying birds make maps more alive.
All new parameters are localized in different available languages.

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Added a small amount of gold to the next additional starting option: guns, turrets and cannons and howitzers to cover the initial maintenance cost.
In the starting option of the barracks 18-th century: for Ukraine there are fewer blockhouses (4 -> 3), for one barracks 17 century less for Ukraine (5 -> 4), Algeria and Turkey (4 -> 3) to eliminate problems on small islands, where some of these buildings may appear in the water.)
2 additional towers for the option of "towers", Ukraine receives 2 blockhouse (before it did not receive anything).
The number of peasants for Turkey and Algeria, obtained in the option "Many peasants", decreased earlier, they received much more than any other nation.
Winter textures became darker, in contrast to the snow textures that had been dazzled earlier.
The desert is now not a season, but a landscape.
Various changes in landscape generation, for example: the landscape type "plain", now plain and no longer have elevations on them. The hills create hills, not plateaus and mountains, etc.


Link to download the mod:

Attention! I downloaded the latest version of the mod at the time of writing the article, I did not check the performance on pirate.

The site of the author of fashion (Ebel) (in English):

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  1. Piratka, State vs Country does not work - writes: Warning. Error compiling scripts. Try to disable some mods via Mod Manager or verify steam cache. The second mod works.

    1. Have you tested State vs Country separately or together with other mods? It's just that you write that you need to try to turn off some fashion.

  2. It's impossible to play simultaneously with two mods.

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