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Once upon a time 5 back, I was wondering: Is it possible to play Cossacks on the phone? After all application for VKontakte даже было когда-то. Чтобы было пусть и более примитивное, но все таки приложение, которое можно было бы скачать на телефон.

I remember I had some kind of strategy on the old Nokia 5130 XpressMusic phone, something like the 2 Civilization, I guess. There began the era from the primitive era, the map was divided into cells, on an 1 cage one unit could be located. There was also the fog of war, but there was no full-fledged development of the city.

Also I remember that on this phone I played in Art of War (I do not remember which part, probably, the second one). But it managed to even play with Bluetooth on a friend (he won me).

So I dialed requests like "Cossacks on android", "Cossacks game on iPhone," "Download Cossacks on the tablet," hoping for at least some game. But it was not, unfortunately. Neither the Cossacks 2, nor the Cossacks Again War, nor even the Cossacks 3. I think this is quite obvious. In general, PCs are best suited for strategies, and they make up a large part of the audience of strategic games. Exit the official version Cossacks Again War и Cossacks 2 was definitely impossible, since the games came out at the beginning of the zero, and what phones were at that time, you probably know. It would be possible to release Cossacks 3 on android, iPhone and tablet, but why? After all, you need to hire specially developers for mobile devices. And this is a lot of money. And the exhaust from this will be much less.

As for the unofficial version, then everything is also obvious. You can see that the above application for VKontakte does not work for a long time, and the developer probably already forgot that he had this project. But this application had already 60 000 subscribers! And they still scored on him. And this was about 7 years ago, when interest in the game was much more than now. And on Cossacks 3 - even though the game is supported, but for 2 months added several startup options, 2 new upgrade, 2 new terrain and eliminated some bugs. So you can only rely on yourself. If you are a mobile developer and a fan of the "Cossacks", then you can do something yourself, and I will publish it on the site.

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А вообще, можно скачать и другие RTS стратегии для андроида и ios, благо их предостаточно. Например Art of War, Sid Meier’s Civilization: Revolution 2 (пошаговая стратегия), Clash of Clans. А вообще, можно поиграть в приложение «Запорожье» во ВКонтакте:

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