News of Cossacks 3: big patch, sale and waiting for new updates

A new update for Cossacks 3. Below is its description (translated from English)

Dear friends, we have three great news for you!
1. Sale has begun!
Cossacks 3 take part in the summer sale of Steam, providing discounts for 60% for both the base game and all DLC.
2. A new patch has been released! The one that has a lot of updates and fixes, which was told in the news yet 6 April.
In this patch many new features have been added, as well as improvements for existing ones and a huge number of fixes in all aspects of the game.
Below you can find detailed notes to the patch.
3. This is not the end, there will be many more new features and updates. Follow the news!
Changes in the patch from 21.06.18 (

New opportunities:

1. You can transfer resources between players of the same team and players without a command. The button is active in multiplayer and random card modes after 15 minutes of playing time have passed.
2. Hot keys can be reassigned in the settings.
3. New start options:
- The village. It allows you to start the game with the city center, two houses, a smithy, a stables and a barracks of the 17th century.
- Barracks of the XVII century. Allows you to start the game with a forge, two barracks of the XVII century and two blockhouses.
- Blockhouses. Allows you to start the game with four blockhouses.
- The Union. Allows you to start the game with the peasants of the allied nations. (8 peasants selected by the nation and 8 peasants of the allied nation)
- Dear mercenaries. (mercenary prices tripled)
4. New types of random maps: the coast, lakes, rivers.
5. A new panel in the online game, showing the top clans and players on the server. The five best clan players among the top 100 are used to determine the best clans.
6. A new apse in the port, allowing to repair all the ships.
7. The "Profile" button is moved to "Settings"
8. New button "Encyclopedia" in the main menu. You can check all the basic characteristics of units and nations (detailed information about upgrades), fully updated and updated.
9. In the "Settings" you can now find the corrected (not configurable) hotkey descriptions.
10. Towers firing inside walls do not fall into the walls of the same player. Now you can put the tower right inside your own walls.
11. The total number of observers in the game is increased.
Balance sheet changes:
1. The HP port has decreased from 65000 to 50000.
2. The upgrade "Use of new building materials" will not affect the protection of the port.
3. HP Galerie decreased from 50000 to 35000.
4. HP of the Line ship increased from 65500 to 95000.
5. Gold consumption increased by 33%.

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1. Improved stability multiplayer.
2. Fixed a bug causing frequent disconnections from the game in 23: 59: 59.
3. Improved support for various old save from the game.
4. Fixed 1 frame delay during selection of units using selection or hot keys. This was found at low speeds
5. Fixed a bug that led to incorrect work on the upgrade "Develop new types of gear."
6. Fixed a bug that caused the inability to order a group of peasants to go inside several available mines in multiplayer.
7. Fixed a bug that caused inexact boat prices in multiplayer.
8. Fixed a bug due to which the counter of idle peasants and distribution of peasants between different resources in multiplayer was inaccurately displayed.
9. Fixed a bug causing desynchronization of the "Stand ground" state in multiplayer. Now the customers have the correct visual display of this state.
10. The bug causing incorrect processing of hot keys "Show collisions" is corrected.
11. Fixed a bug that caused the game to start with an incorrect random game on the card after playing a multiplayer game.
12. Fixed one of the bugs causing crashes in long games. The playback recording will stop if there is not enough free RAM.
13. The process of generating mines in 2 × 2 games on small maps has been changed. The mines are created closer to the spawn point of the player and are no longer generated in the territory of the enemies.
14. A bug was fixed, as a result of which the last player of brown color did not have hunger and gained control over the rebel mercenaries, while at the same time turning off the capturing of buildings.
15. Fixed a bug causing the appearance of an empty room when entering the room.
16. Fixed a bug causing incorrect display of the mission list after exiting the main menu from the mission.
17. Added three slots for viewers, which are closed by default.
18. Fixed many small errors and errors.

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We are deeply grateful to the player Ebel for his ideas and their realization in his fashion, which inspired us to make several changes to this patch.
Have a nice day!


Of course, I'm glad that the developers have not yet completely scored on the game, and are trying to release at least some updates and fix bugs that have long been hanging on the surface. Of all the new that appeared in the game, these are the developments from "New Terrain Mod"From the author Ebel, which includes new start options and new types of random maps. Another worth mentioning is a new upgrade for the repair of all ships and top clans. The transfer of resources and the Encyclopedia were back in the first Cossacks. And until now some elements from the first Cossacks are missing - this is the battleship 18., Galleasses and much more. Perhaps this will come true in the next game updates. But it's a pity that something new, changing the game will most likely have to wait a long time.

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