Window of the network game in Cossacks 3

Network game in Cossacks 3

So, in this article I will touch upon such an important issue as Cossacks 3 on the Internet. In my opinion, and I think many will agree with me that this is the most interesting part in the game Cossacks 3. Campaign to pass you quickly bored, on a random card will be able to play a little longer until the fantasy ends. Well, there is also a map editor, where you can also create your own map and realize all your Wishlist. But you still get bored of constantly winning from the computer and the desire to compete on your own will make you discover the world of online games.

How to play Cossacks 3 on the network?

It's very easy to start the game. We find in the main menu the button "Network game".

How to play on the network in Cossacks 3
The main menu in the game Cossacks 3

Next we are offered to enter the postal address, which is needed for registration in the game. We enter our main mail so that we will not lose our account in the event that it happens.

Registration in the network game Cossacks 3
Window for entering the postal address

Next is the registration. You enter your game key, which Steam constantly highlights at the beginning of each game. Probably there will be a confirmation on e-mail, I precisely do not remember. In general, enter the mail and password and click the "Connect" button.

How to start playing Cossacks 3 step by step
Window for entering the postal address and password

All! We went into the room selection window (or whatever it is called, sessions, or game shells). The column to the right is an online list of players. On top are players who are not in the game, from below - who are playing. You can distinguish them by status. Crossed swords means in the game. In the rest I do not know much yet. I will assume that some are responsible for the rating game, or that the player is currently in the room. If you know what they mean - write about it in the commentary.

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Window of the network game in Cossacks 3
Session Selection Window

Button Quick game 2 × 2 means searching for a rating game on the following options: 5000 of each resource, non-aggression time: 15 minutes (in fact, time goes there much faster than real), with random nations, with auto-selection by rating level. That is, for the pumping of its game rating, it is possible to play only one version of the game. Getting into the rating has a number of obvious advantages: there is an opportunity to play in the "Seasonal Battle" - the official tournament with a prize money fund, well, lifelong decorations in the shell. For each Season Battle options change. If you create a room or go in someone else's - the result of the game will not affect your rating.

Here a lot is borrowed from the old Cossacks - so I advise you to read the instruction "slang game Cossacks"- there are painted all these incomprehensible words and terms.

Here is how the rating of players on 25.04.2018 looks:

Players rating in Cossacks 3
Top Rankings
Players rating in Cossacks 3
I'm at the bottom

Let's say I went into a fast game. The picture shows that the average waiting time is 5 minutes, but I waited for only one. During this time, I managed to pick up the players.

Rating game in Cossacks 3
We are waiting for rivals for the rating game

As a result, I lost ??

Rating game in Cossacks 3
I was a blue player

Even training on similar options with a computer did not help. By the way, in the rating game there is no computer assistant, the so-called burgomaster. It helps to lead the economy, eliminating routine tasks and prompting those or other upgrades.

The second time I still made one opponent:

Rating game on the network in Cossacks 3
I was for Turkey, and I brought out Bavaria

But in the end I still lost ??

Rating game on the network in Cossacks 3
The turquoise rival did not doze - but increased his strength

Is it difficult to play online with players?

How to say. All the games I played in Cossacks 3 on the Internet - I lost. But I'm not the only one who loses. If you need to help, read articles on development, then you can take out others.

But if you do not want to become a "zadrotom" and endure all in a row, then I advise you to play with your friends. Or you can find them in the game - just create a room, for example "1v1 5k 20pt only noobs" and wait for you to come or call them yourself by writing a message to the chat.

If that, I play Cossacks from 2009 year, played well in the network game, read all the development articles on different options (that's why I began to play better!), In the network game I had the Graf title. True, I played then on the option "for noobs" - on million resources, you create a huge armada, and you try to make the same. There is no construction of the economy. Basically on the Internet, I played in 2011-2012 year. Then it was possible to determine by title whether a person plays well or not. There were enough newcomers. It seems to me and in the network game Cossacks 3 they would have been more, if it had been possible to play with pirates from players with a license.

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And where is the game on the local network in Cossacks 3?

There is one server для казаков 3. Скачать можно по ссылке:

Startup Instruction:

Local server "Cossacks 3" from Erebus

I. Instructions for use
1) Create a backup of the configuration file data / resources / servers.dat in the game folder.

2) Open the configuration file data / resources / servers.dat in any text editor.

3) Replace the IP address without changing the port as described below:
- If you start the server on your computer:
section.begin * = 31523 section.end
- Otherwise, insert the IP address of the person who is running the server in your local
section.begin * = 31523 section.end
4) Start the game.

5) Enter your nickname in the field to enter the game key when you login. The fields for entering e-mail and password do not matter and can be empty.

6) If you want to play again on the official server, restore the backup created in the first paragraph.

II. Also keep in mind that ...
- The computer on which the server is running must be accessible from the network via the TCP protocol on the 31523 port. Make the appropriate changes to your firewall and router settings. If nothing else helps, turn off your firewall.

- The server should work throughout the game.

- The server provides the host transit function. This means that the game will continue even after the host leaves the game.

- This server follows the rules of the official server regarding the players' nicknames. Since the field for entering the game key does not have the right filter, your nickname will be edited by the server at login if necessary.
The criteria for nicks are:
* from 4 to 16 characters
* the letters of the Latin alphabet of both registers from a to z
* digits from 0 to 9
* characters () + -_. []
* without spaces

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- This server is designed to be used exclusively in local LANs. If you try to use it over the Internet, because of NAT, through VPN, Hamachi or any other network configuration and run into problems, it's up to you. It may work, or it may not, depending on your skills.

Can I play Cossacks 3 on the network on pirates?

It seems possible. In the comments below posted a server for playing Cossacks. It is a script in the language of Lua, which, it seems, allows you to go to the official server and play with friends on the network on pirates. The Readme says that you need to install Lua 5.1 and the LuaSocket library on the server. Then download sich.lua and run it. On the client, that is, on the computer with the game, instead of the official server, write your own, which is the script. Frankly, this method has not yet been tested. If you have already managed to play pirates on the network, please write a description of your method in the commentary.

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