Cossacks on Mac OS

Cossacks on Mac OS

In general, the problem with the launch of Cossacks is very common among owners of the Windows operating system, and there are many solutions for launching it. But about the launch of Cossacks on the Mac OS is audible little, but it's not so difficult actually. The bottom line is to install a program that will allow you to run Windows applications on a Mac (Wine).

Download Cossacks and Wine

So, we need:

  1. Download Cossacks on this link. (In the Cossacks archive: European wars, Cossacks: The Last Argument of Kings, and Cossacks: Again War). About Cossacks 2 will be written at the bottom of the article.
  2. Download Wine, for example WineBottler.

Let's move on to setting up

This setting is required for the game "Cossacks: European Wars". As for the add-ons "The Last Argument of the Kings" and "Again War," they are launched immediately after installing Wine, and you can set any screen resolution in them, the game will not crash.

After installing Wine, specify the folder with Wine, the Wine icon appears in the menu bar.

In the folder Wine Files / drive_c, you can create a folder Games, where you can unpack all the games.

Cossacks on Mac OS
Configuring Cossacks on Mac OS via Wine: Step 1

Click on the Wine icon in the menu bar and select "Configuration". Open the "Application" tab and click the "Add application" button and select the game launch file (in the "Cossacks: European Wars" file called dmcr.exe). In the "Windows Version" form, select Windows XP.

Cossacks on Mac OS
Configuring Cossacks on Mac OS via Wine: Step 2

On the Libraries tab, in the "New Substitution for Library" field, write "ddraw" and click "Install".

Cossacks on Mac OS
Configuring Cossacks on Mac OS via Wine: Step 3

In the "Existing Substitution" list, select "ddraw", and then click the "Edit" button. In the new window select the item "Third-party, then built-in" and click "Ok". In the main window of the Wine configuration, click "Apply", and then "Ok".

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Cossacks on Mac OS
Configuring Cossacks on Mac OS via Wine: Step 4

Now we launch the "European Wars" via "dmcr.exe" in the game folder. After starting, set the 1024 screen resolution to 768 in the game settings. At other resolutions the game worked incorrectly.

Have a good game. Can download Cossacks 3, which represent an improved version of the Cossacks Again War.

And what about the Cossacks 2?

As for the Cossacks 2, Alexander, Conquest of America, I did not test them, as I do not have and did not have a Mac OS on the computer / laptop.

But most likely the problems with them should not arise, if you download Jubilee collection of strategies from GSC Game World. And also run through Wine. If you do not succeed (which I do not think is possible), then you can also try to replace the library, not "ddraw.dll", but "mdraw.dll".

Cossacks 3 on Mac OS

Since I did not really test the Cossacks 3 on the Mac OS, I can only advise you to run the Cossacks 3 game through the same Wine, since this program allows you to run any Windows applications. But since the game requires noticeably more resources, it probably will crash on laptops with a built-in video card, such as the MacBook Air. But for now this is probably the only way to start the game. And you do not need to make any settings, except how to insert the folder with the game in Wine Files.

And yes, many thanks Victor, for the fact that he has done experience in setting up the game for Mac OS.


  1. ссылка на one drive не работает 🙁

    1. Все, понял в чем проблема была. Теперь работает.

  2. нет файла в one drive для скачки козаков. Что делать?

    1. Попробуйте еще раз перейти по ссылке. У меня сразу же после перехода начали скачиваться Казаки.

  3. По вашей ссылке вообще не запускается……(((((может ещё какие варианты есть???

    1. У вас Windows 10? Если да, то вам надо скачать patch for new graphics cards, переименовать его в mdraw.dll и переместить в папку с игрой.

  4. звука везде нет, сейчас попробую как Вы написали.

  5. Всё супер, спасибо…только вот звука нет, реально его настроить?

    1. Звука только в меню нет или прямо совсем? Могу только посоветовать скачать Jubilee collection of strategies from GSC, установить там игру Казаки Снова Война, затем проделать все те же действия, что и в статье.

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