How to launch Cossacks (FAQ)

Причин того, почему игра «Казаки» не работает, вылетает или не запускается, может быть много. И все они могут быть разными. Рассмотрим некоторые из них.
Be sure to make a copy of the replaced files in the game folder before each action, otherwise you will have to download (or just install the game) again! After all, you download different versions of the game, someone downloaded the original version, someone Gold Collection, someone Jubilee collection. Therefore, some method may not work, and we will have to use another.

The easiest way to get rid of all problems of departure

— это скачать Jubilee collection of strategies from GSC. If you do not feel sorry for 8 GB of hard disk space and a few hours of download waiting (most of them still have fiber optic Internet), then you will get all the games from the collection at once, which will go on almost any computer.
The only thing is that there may be problems with the installation of patches (for example, a patch from the POMOR player to order on 50 units in Cossacks Again War), but this is solved like this:
  1. Run the compatibility tool (for Windows 10)
  2. Install the patch (we toss all the files in the folder with the game)
  3. Download the patch for new graphics cards (ddraw.dll) and rename it to mdraw.dll.
  4. We replace the patch with the file from the folder with the game.

Does not work mouse, black screen and music

DirectDraw Init failed: Mode 1024x768x8 not found. Cossacks should not run.

A typical symptom. Usually this happens with the owners of new video cards. This happens even when you installed the Jubilee Collection. And I myself had this. How it is treated:
Вариант 1: Возможно, что это просто сообщение о том, что у вас на экране стоит слишком высокое разрешение. Нажмите на кнопку повтор, и игра запустится.
Вариант 2: Вам нужно установить patch for new graphics cards. Ссылка — чуть выше. Если у вас нет юбилейного сборника, то просто закидывайте его в папку с игрой, он ничего не заменяет.

Fast twirl mill, fast scrolling (scrolling), fast game speed

I managed to find a way out only for the Cossacks Again War, there you need to download some patch, for Cossacks EB, MPC and Conquest of America the problem remains unresolved. ????

Playing on a netbook

Posted by a separate article about it.
In general, now few people use netbooks, and they themselves have long been out of production. However, I have one bought in 2011 year :). True, he had already ceased to work for a year.

How to configure the game on Windows 7

Inverse (distortion) colors

The main problem for Windows 7 owners is when the main menu (like the whole game) is displayed with garbled colors when the game is started (dmcr.exe). To configure the game, you need to terminate the explorer.exe process in the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete). Then, after the game is over, call the dispatcher again and run explorer.exe back.
There is an even more automated way - download patch for windows 7. There will be a file dmcr.bat. It performs the same actions. It should be put in a folder with the game and run the game through it. And you can create a shortcut for it on the desktop and run from it. You can also put the game icon, then it will not differ in anything from the original dmcr.exe ????
By the way, this problem exists only in Windows 7, as it uses the Windows Aero graphical shell, and in Windows 8 and 10, Metro is used, so you can run the game without this patch.

Windows 8

On windows 8 some problems are preserved - it's not a working mouse, black screen and music when the game starts. But unlike windows 7, at least the patch does not need to be installed.
So, to run normally Cossacks on Windows 8You need:
  1. Download small archive (858.24 Kb), распаковать находящиеся в нем файлы в папку с игрой, с заменой файлов.
  2. After that, go to the properties of the dmcr.exe file, which is located in the game folder Cossacks. Next you need to click on the "Compatibility" tab, and also set the settings made in the screenshot:
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These should be settings

After this setting, usually Cossacks on Windows 8 game should start normally. This way of playing was tested on the versions: Cossacks Again War и Cossacks The Last Argument of the Kings. It's also possible that it works on the game Cossacks European Wars и Cossacks of the Echo of War. According to user feedback, some do not work on the version Cossacks Empire.

Windows 10

Well, here I can tell from my own experience exactly what I did for the normal operation of the game. Although I did not start anything on the laptop on Windows 7, it was, so to speak, a fresh experience.
Самое первое что нужно сделать — это run the tool to fix compatibility issues. If you have a game immediately, it means that you do not need to install anything.
First I downloaded Cossacks Again War (link game in the right block of the site). Installed a non-Steam version, included DirectPlay, installed a patch (some other dmcr.exe), the game earned.

Turn on DirectPlay for Cossacks Again War

Download the game by link;

In the installation program, select the hacked version (not Steam!)

(Но можно конечно и Steam-версию установить, но в таком случае у вас игра из стима не запустится, и вам самостоятельно придется искать папку установки и создавать ярлык запуска dmcr.exe)

  1. Go to Control Panel> Programs and Features> Turn Windows Components On or Off
  2. We find the folder "Components of previous versions", open it, and put a tick in front of "DirectPlay". The game should start.
  3. Further, if you have problems with changing settings, frenzied game speed, then replace dmcr.exe with a similar file from the archive.
However, I decided not to stop there, and I wanted to establish, for example, Cossacks The Last Argument of the Kings. Or Cossacks 2. Realizing that I will not succeed, since they all have different dmcr.exe, so there is no universal dmcr.exe. In connection with what I decided to download Jubilee collection of strategies from GSC Game World. В нем запускаются Казаки Снова Война, Последний Довод Королей, Европейские Войны, Завоевание Америки (+В поисках Эльдорадо). Если они не запустились сразу, нужно кликнуть правой кнопкой мыши на файл dmcr.exe -> Свойства -> Вкладка Совместимость -> Запустить средство для устранения проблем с совместимостью.

Казаки 2, Александр на Windows 10

P "P" SЏ Cossacks 2, Alexandra the following solution was obtained:

Download this archive с программой. Эта программа помогает запускать старые игры на новых компьютерах. Запускаем dxwnd.exe. If you did not change the folder in the installation of the collection (C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Strategies from GSC Game World \ Game Title), then you can simply select the desired game, right-click on it and launch it by clicking on the "Run". If you installed in another directory - then we also highlight the game, click the right button, select "Modify", in field "Launch"And"Path"Specify the required path to the file"engine.exe"(A file that runs the game). Before starting the game, do not forget to set the resolution to 1024 × 768.

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Нашел файлик, там довольно «капитанские» ответы на вопросы, связанные с установкой и работоспособностью игры. Но все равно оставлю. Вот сам file.
If there is no problem here, write a letter me, and she will appear here.


  1. В Империи не работает мышка… — что ни делаю

  2. Казаки 2: Наполеоновские войны.
    Запускается по инструкции на 10 норм, но при начале битвы просто виден туман войны и играет музыка, а потом «Все ваши отряды побеждены». Надеюсь кто-то сможет помочь.

  3. При запуске игры показывает сообщение — Точка входа в процедуру? CheckIfGameRated@@YA_NXS не найдена в библиотеке DLL С: Program Files (86)\Стратегии от GSC Game World \Казаки2\Наполеоновские войны\engine.exe.

  4. При запуске игры показывает сообщение- Точка входа в процедуру? CheckIfGameRated@@YA_NXS не найдена в библиотеке DLL iChat.dll.-Что делать?

  5. как скачать игру Казаки??? не могу скачать

  6. как скачать Казаки??

  7. Alexander — Bug Reporting System

    Bug Reporting System is about to upload the bug report to the developer’s Internet server

    This file does not contain any confidential information from your system and only lists debugging information necessary.

    Click ‘Submit’ if you agree to send the bug report Otherwise click ‘Close’

    при запуске александр открывается окно браузера с вот этим. что делать?
    это юбилейный сборник

    1. А вы игру через способ с dxwnd.exe запускали (Который самый последний в статье)?

  8. Tell me how to start the Cossacks 2 battle for Europe on the 10 video?

    1. Привет, в самом конце статьи есть заголовок » Казаки 2, Александр на Windows 10″, под ним инструкция как для Казаки 2 Наполеоновские войны, так и для Казаков 2 Битва за Европу.

    1. Надеюсь, вы сможете помочь.
      Сделал всё так, как написано в FAQ: скачал dxwnd, поставил разрешение нужное, запустил Казаков 2. Захожу в меню, включаю кампанию — всё здорово, но как только начинается битва — просто виден туман войны и играет музыка. Что делать?
      Если что — Win10

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