Cheat codes for the game Conquest of America

As I mentioned before, in Conquest of America the gameplay is significantly complicated due to the introduction of morality and the constant need to storm the enemy buildings. In addition, the players from the "Cossacks" find it difficult to reconstruct themselves under the slightly changed realities. All this makes the game difficult and difficult to manage. There are not enough resources, units for the successful end of the mission. Therefore, users are looking for codes for Conquest of America. They are slightly different from those that exist in the Cossacks, but differ only in name, because they basically do the same actions.

To enter the code, press the Enter key, a window will appear where you want to write a message. Enter the cheat, then press the Enter key again. Below is a list of the main cheat codes:

  • units — в правом верхнем углу появляется меню с выбором нации, зданий и юнитов. Можно выбрать любое и поставить на карту.
  • grandmother - added to 50 000 of each resource
  • viewall - Disable the fog of war. How to turn it back on - type it again.

The following cheat codes I saw everywhere where they mention the cheats for the Conquest of America, but when they entered, nothing worked.

  • cangeteverything - 5000 food, gold and wood.
  • horsesarecrazy - 10 horses
  • wantanamericanhero - David Crockett
  • iwantreallybadguy - Bill Child
  • goldinmypockets - 1000 gold
  • iwantfastfood - 1000 meal
  • woodisverygood - 1000 wood

In fact, the workers are the first three cheat codes. This is much less than in Cossacks 1, Cossacks 2 и Cossacks 3.

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