An analogue of the game Cossacks

Many users who are familiar with playing Cossacks, sometimes they thought about the question: "Are there any analogues in the game Cossacks?". I can answer for sure: of course there is. And and a lot. But perhaps no strategy can compare with it.


The advantage of Cossacks over analogues

Why does the Cossacks stand out from other strategies in real time? This question was surely asked by many newcomers. The fact is that the game has a number of features, greatly improved the gameplay, made the game dynamic. In the game can battle up to 8000 units in battle, and a fairly convenient system of economic development allows the player to conduct large battles, a war for resources, guerrilla warfare, and so on. In general, there are a lot of options. This is the big difference.

What analogies exist?

To the analogues of the game Cossacks, I would include all historical strategies in real time. These are such famous series of games as Anno "1404", Stronghold, Age of Empires. But if you like the Cossacks engine, then I advise you to play games "Conquest of America: In Search of Eldorado"And" Alexander ".

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