Passage of the game Cossacks 3

Passage of game Cossacks 3

В Казаках 3, по сравнению с предыдущими частями, добавлено намного больше кампаний XCHARX целых 12. И 12 одиночных миссий. Поэтому вопрос прохождения каждой из них как никогда актуален, ведь в игре появилось огромное количество новичков или тех, кто раньше играл, но уже все забыл. В этой статье я остановлюсь на прохождении обучающей кампании и кампании за Австрию (Как стать генералиссимусом). Позже выйдут прохождения к другим кампаниям, ссылка на которых будет в этой статье.

Training Campaign


The training campaign in the game Cossacks 3 is called "Military trick » consists of only two missions - peaceful and military. The campaign was substantially redesigned - now it looks much more natural. In the story you are a Swedish king and go to the city, where you will be taught the art of his management. The mission is peaceful, so you do not have to worry about opponents. At the end of the mission, you will need to build archers and burn an enemy lone enemy barracks.


In the second, military mission, you will have to control troops in a battle on land and at sea. Following the advice, you can repel enemy attacks and learn military matters. In the end, you take full control of the whole army and lead it into battle.

Campaign for Austria (How to become Generalissimo)

Destroy enemy plans

A fairly easy mission, since there is no full-fledged computer opponent (the computer does not develop the city). You have a small fortress where you can hire infantry and cavalry. First you need to grab a village south-east of your base. The main thing is to seize more peasants, because they are not produced. And then we simply develop the extraction of resources in this village (and we do not forget to build the mines) and repulse the attacks of the Turkish cavalry. When the forces have accumulated and more improvements have been made, you can storm fortresses.

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Holy League

In this mission you will have to develop the city from scratch and break up as many as two computer opponents, which are also developing. So the complexity of this mission is much higher than the previous one. Therefore, I advise you to put a normal level of complexity. In the south you can order reinforcements, but it costs 10 000 food and 4 000 gold. In the beginning, there will be talk of Polish reinforcements from the north, which can not pass through the Turkish outpost. Most likely it will not even be needed, since to reach it and capture it, it will take even more units. In general, all black Turkish outposts do not even have to be destroyed. So you just need to quickly evolve to destroy the troops of Mehmed Pasha and Mustafa II.

Conquest of Italy

Here, too, will have to develop, there are no allies, reinforcements, too. Only Venice (in the east) can grant the right of passage of troops through its territories for 10 000 gold. But buying this right is not necessary. We need to develop the base, clear the heights from the Spaniards and defeat the French (white, in the south-west), because they are developing. To contain the troops Mantua (orange), you can distinguish a pair of detachments musketeers 18 century. Then you need to destroy 3 academy and diplomatic center and you won.

Salvation of Turin

Here, the Austrian and French armies collided. The French settled on fortified hills. To win, you need to completely destroy them. In this mission we have an ally - the army of Venice (purple). First you need to take the first column, go around the enemy from the north, and destroy all the cavalry in the rear. It is very careful to move forward, because the cavalry is in the "hold position" position, but the enemy mounted dragoons and strive to sweep away your army. It is also worth highlighting a pair of detachments to the north-east and south-east direction of the approach of enemy soldiers. Then, when the entire rear is broken, you can send messengers to the army commanders and send an order for the offensive. Then we beat the French together and win.

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Siege of Belgrade

In this mission you will have a huge army under control. To begin with, it will be necessary to capture the Turkish fortress in the west, one detachment of grenadiers will suffice to achieve this goal. After that, you will be given multi-barrels, howitzers, cannons, warships and transporters to transport the army to the other side. It is better to destroy all the towers, break the wall in the fortress, and then only destroy the enemy fleet, since after it the gunpowder will get wet and there will be nothing to shoot. We occupy positions in the hills around Belgrade, because a large Turkish army will approach from the south. We place guns, multi-barrels in each direction of the possible attack and wait for the battle. Then we storm the fortress with the help of guns and finish off the garrison.

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