Similar games to Cossacks

So, if you were looking for games like Cossacks, then you are interested in the theme of historical strategies. But I would not consider games from the Cossacks series the same. What are they different?

The first "Cossacks", these were the "European Wars", and then the subsequent "The Last Argument of the Kings" and "Again the War": "

  • Large-scale land and sea battles, up to 16000 units on the map
  • Much attention is paid to the economy: the creation and development of its base (settlement) becomes the main factor of victory
  • Dynamic game: despite great attention to the economy, management is very easy, units move quickly, buildings are quickly built, the army can be recruited too quickly (if resources are available)
  • Time period: the war 17-18 centuries.

What distinguishes Cossacks 2:

  • The scale of the battles is slightly less, although in the mode of Conquest Europe, two armies on 2000-2500 units may collide. There are no naval battles.
  • The whole emphasis is on war, and the war by the detachments. The main thing is to seize the villages with resources and keep them.
  • Long, protracted war
  • All actions take place in the 19 century.

Cossacks 3 as a whole is a game based on the first part. So all the differences are applicable to them too.

Games like Cossacks

With differences, we figured out which games are now advised? For starters, it's worth looking at other strategies from GSC Game World, if you did not know about them.

  1. Conquest of America

This game is very similar to the Cossacks, and is also very old. The engine is almost the same. The economy is the same.

The most significant differences are:

  • The nations have changed. Now not only the Europeans are cutting among themselves - they also hooked the Indians to this occupation.
  • The introduction of morality. Basically, this greatly complicates the game for the Indians, as they are very afraid of European tricks. And in Cossacks 3 you can just fight for Algeria, rivet thousands of units and crush the mass.
  • Defense of buildings. In each building, you can start units, as a result of which the building can fire and the building is difficult to capture. It also complicates the game for the Indians, and in general the game becomes very protracted.
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Alexander. Luck accompanies the impudent

В игре участвуют 4 нации: Египет, Индия, Македония и Персия. Сама игра вышла специально к одноименному фильму. Как по мне, сюжет очень скучный, разнообразия мало. Больше напоминает симбиоз первых и вторых Казаков. Вроде бы и не Снова Война, и не Завоевание Америки, но уже близко к Казакам II.

As for the rest of the strategies from other publishers, I'll highlight a few games that are more or less similar in gameplay. I played some of them, I can say something about them, but there are not others. So I advise you to review the reviews that are listed below.

Остальные игры, подобные Казакам

Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III directly traces the ideology of "Cossacks": build a base, develop the economy and the army, trade in the market, destroy rivals with the help of a powerful, trained army. Therefore, many and often compare this game with the Cossacks. Only here there are no huge armies of thousands of units - this is a feature of the "Cossacks".


This game became the basis from which the "Cossacks" grew up. In those days when it came out, and it was the end of 90, the beginning of 00-x - everyone was crazy about this game. This spodviglo company GSC Game World create a game of such a plan, but only with a historical component.


Stronghold is also a historical RTS, only the action takes place in the Middle Ages. But in my opinion, the game has too much emphasis on the economy and little on military action.

Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne

Total War

Total War - it's generally a step-by-step strategy, but similar to the Cossacks, it is because it can also manage huge armies.

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