Cossacks Empires - new tournament for "Cossacks"

Not so long ago, a new league for the game Cossacks - "Empire". In it, with great difficulty, the Byzantine Empire won, which until the last chased the favorite of the tournament - the Roman Empire. And the Persian empire, having lost all its advantage at the beginning of the game, fell back to the honorable third place.


In fact, the tournament "Empire" was founded a long time ago, back in the 2010 year, but for several seasons it was permanently abandoned.

26 March 2013 year on the official website - it was announced the resumption of the tournament (the launch of the Empire 2 - Revival).

13 July 2013 The 2 Empire The revival was successfully completed and the league LCN website was summed up official results tournament with overviews of stages and illustrations.


Cossacks Empires is a unique tournament in which a large number of opportunities are realized.

War with the enemy - you can attack and defend, diplomacy - you can acquire allies and vice versa, seizing new territories - no man's land and enemies.

There is also an internal policy: the choice of the type of government (from monarchy and feudalism to anarchy and the republic), the change of the ruler, the exclusion of players and much more. All this is decided by voting of players.

The main resource in the league is Gold. From its number depends a lot of actions - attack, diplomacy and even the creation of their own empire. Warriors receive it from the protection of the provinces, barbarians and pirates - from their plunder.

There is a special map that shows the number of captured provinces from each empire, as well as the battle for the provinces. To look it it is possible here.

The battles in the tournament are conducted on the GameSpy server, on popular options. Read more - here. After that, all this is recorded and goes to the rating.

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The victory is won by the team that will capture the largest amount of territory.

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