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Игра Казаки — это историческая стратегия в реальном времени (RTS), разработанная украинской компанией GSC Game World и изданная Руссобит-М в апреле 2001 года. Игра написана под операционную систему Windows, но фанаты игры смогли сделать её даже под Poppy.

The game tells about the events of 17-18 centuries. This is the time when nations were destroyed and created, the rumbling of guns, the clang of blades. The time when the transition began from feudal armies to professional recruitment kits, where the outcome of the whole battle depended on the skill of the commander-in-chief ...

In the game there are 20 nations (Cossacks Again War). These are: Algeria, England, Bavaria, Hungary, Venice, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Prussia, Piedmont, Russia, Saxony, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Switzerland and Sweden.

Cossacks is a historical game where you can learn about many historical events. The player has the opportunity to organize grandiose battles involving up to 8000 combat units in a single and multiplayer (multiplayer) game. The game is distinguished by a variety of tactics. That is, you can besiege cities, lead guerrilla warfare, capture commanding heights, ambush the enemy, land troops, and participate in sea battles.

The game is designed to reduce combat control over local resources and each combat unit, and the main goals are the formation of a strong economy, the seizure of new lands, the development of science, and of course, the war against the enemy.

The economy in the game is divided into six main resources: wood, food, stone, coal, gold and iron.

The tree is harvested in the forest, the food is harvested in the fields and the sea by fishing boats, the stone is mined in the quarries, and coal, iron and gold are in the respective mines. Iron, coal and gold in mines are in unlimited quantities, so the number of peasants in mines directly depends on the resource extraction in the mine. This makes it possible to shorten the time for managing resources, and therefore the role of deposits in the Cossacks plays an important role. In the market you can sell, buy and exchange various resources, but then prices can vary depending on the number of resources in the market. All units consume resources, some military units need gold for maintenance, while artillery and riflemen need iron and coal. Therefore, do not just spend resources on the purchase of soldiers, but you need to leave a part of the resources for maintaining and maintaining the fighting efficiency of your army. With a shortage of food, units begin to starve, with a shortage of gold - to rebel. Many buildings and soldiers increase in value as their number increases - this avoids situations such as blocking the entire map with towers.

The tree of improvements consists of 300 improvements, which are divided into two periods: XVI - XVII century and XVIII century. Improvements allow the player to move from quantitative improvements to quality, create new unique opportunities, open new units and new buildings. With the development of science you will be able to increase the efficiency of resource extraction, increase the power of shooting, the range of fire, improve the characteristics of military units, improve the rate of fire in towers and the strength of buildings.

One of the features of the game of Cossacks is the destruction of walls possible only with the help of artillery, archers or grenadiers. Therefore, when the advance line is strengthened, the offensive by small forces will lead to nothing good. This requires considerable forces and artillery. Another feature is the seizure of peasants, artillery of some buildings. Therefore, they must be carefully guarded. But this gives ample opportunities for conducting a real guerrilla war, after having captured enemy peasants, you can build buildings, and consequently military units of your opponent.

The game has the following combat units, such as infantry, artillery, cavalry, and navy. Some nations use their unique combat units, as well as combat forces. Thus, the player has all the possibilities for conducting land and sea combat within the framework of just one nation. Each nation has its own unique equipment of troops, as well as some features and capabilities.

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