How to play online in Cossacks

In this article we will talk about the game on the network in first и the second part of the Cossacks.

Cossacks Again War and previous games from the series

If you heard that you need to play on the network through GameSpy, your information is very outdated. It has long been closed, this wrote a lot. Your option - a game on the local network (yes, via Ethernet cable !!!!), or download yourself GameRanger, and create rooms, or join them already through it. If it does not determine the game, you can simply select the Cossacks in the list of supported games and specify the path to dmcr.exe. The only drawback of GameRanger - without the Internet on both computers you can not play (I just play on a local computer).

Game on a local network

First you need to create a local network for computers.

Next you need to do this:

1. Первый игрок нажимает сетевая игра — противостояние — соединение TCP/IP — и внизу нажимает кнопочку СОЗДАТЬ. Дальше он выбирает имя (ник) и нажимает ПРИНЯТЬ.

After that, he comes out with a window "Network Game Settings" There he tunes the future game as he pleases.

2.Второй игрок нажимает сетевая игра — противостояние — соединение TCP/IP — и внизу нажимает кнопочку ПРИСОЕДИНИТЬСЯ.

Next, he chooses the player's name and presses to ACCEPT.

After that, he gets out a list of games where there should be a first player's game. He chooses it, and presses JOIN.

After that, there is a download, and then he gets into the room to the first player. If you hit, then you GOT !!!

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If you want to play four (up to 7 players), then:

Первый игрок действует по принципу первого, а остальные по принципу второго.

And if someone flew, it means that something is wrong in the game. Maybe you do not have the same version of games. If so, skip over the local network game that you have.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to press the start button because you are playing there, almost like on the Internet, that is, you may have out of sync, player losing for pressing ALT + TAB and not entering the game in the next 10 seconds, etc. .

Server for Cossacks

Instead of gone GameSpy, players created their own server for playing on the Internet. Server Connection Instructions here. To be honest - I never used it, I do not even know if it works now.

Game through GameRanger

How, you guessed it, I'll tell you about the way to play Cossacks on the network through the GameRanger program.

  1. Download the program from the office. site -
  2. Program installation.


Before installation, the Internet must be enabled!

  1. Click install.

2. Will come out this:

3. The installation menu comes out. Click Next, Next, Agree ...

4. Create a new account:

5. The window with Invite Code will come out. Nothing to write there is not necessary! Click Next.

6. We write our real e-mail and come up with a password. You must receive a letter to the post you indicated.

7. We write our nickname and name:

8. Click No, leave the chat messages un-cut

9. Select the time zone and click Next:

10. Then you will be asked to send a letter to your box. Without closing GameRanger we check the mail, we find the message from GameRanger, click on the link Click this link to activate your new account.

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When, clicked, go to GameRanger and click next.

Installation completed!

Cossacks Empire

If you are going to play such a wonderful fashion on the network or even on the Internet, then I'm afraid to upset you, you are unlikely to succeed. However, as practice shows, one time to play all the same it turned out. How I did it:

First we learned our IP and told it to each other via Skype. Then one of us created a room, and another clicked the network game - the confrontation - Direct TCP / IP - at the bottom spelled out the ip of the other, and pressed to connect. Then he chose a room, and joined. Only the first time did not work. Well and further we have crushed any there a computer.

Но даже если мне получалось присоединиться к комнате, выкидывало очень часто. А потом, когда все-таки удалось начать игру, несколько минут поиграли, и вышла рассинхронизация. Ну можно наверно попробовать сделать через GameRanger, но я не пробовал, не знаю, ничего не могу сказать.

Cossacks II

Well, everything is simple: either you have a license and you play through the server GSC-Game.Net (probably this method does not work, since everything is outdated), or through the GameSpy server (also does not work).

It remains only the game on the local network and GameRanger. Through GameRanger it's much easier - choose it.

Cossacks III

Well, there's nothing to think about. Click on the network game and play.

Ranks in the multiplayer game

The information is given for the game Cossacks Again War, Cossacks The Last Argument of the Kings, Cossacks European Wars. Together with the victories in the multiplayer game you will be given points and titles in the following order:

Эсквайр (Новичок) 0 - 24
Nobleman 25 - 89
Knight 90-159
Baron 160 - 209
viscount 210 - 339
Graph 340 - 589
Marquis 590 - 1289
Duke 1290 - 2239
King 2240 and above
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Well, in Cossacks III title of the titles remained the same, only like the Emperor was added and the number of points is different.

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