Cossacks 3: Time of War

Now, when looking for any material on the game Cossacks, and especially if someone is looking for Cossacks 3, you can stumble upon a very interesting ad. This advertisement I found when searching the Internet on Yandex, but I hope that I will not see it anywhere else.

The fact is that this advertising line was devoted to the long-awaited release of a new game from the series "Cossacks" - Cossacks 3. Full title - Cossacks 3: Time of War. Only now it has changed the format - it has become a completely online game.

And everything would be fine, even very remarkable, but there is one problem. it divorce. And with a good scenario, these scammers earn a very good amount.

Why is this a divorce? There are several reasons for this question at once:

Even if you look at the address of the site (now it is, I used to see it was, then I immediately got suspicious. Such an address is never considered acceptable for the official website of the game.

If a year and a half ago the company - developer of games "Cossacks" and "Cossacks 2" - GSC Game World broke up, then who could make the game? I recall that GSC also owns the rights.

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