Good evening. I would like to know the opinions of the users of the site.
How do you like to organize a tournament for the Cossacks?
The site is specially prepared for the tournament.
1. There will be a global map divided into sectors.
2. The games will be via a means of communication through Hamachi.
3. The game modes will be 1 × 1 and 2 × 2 (2 player per team (in the comments of your choice))
4. When registering the clan and players, the Administrator to the clan leader will issue the ID and password from their Hamachi network.
5. The schedule of battles will be displayed on the site but in advance agreed with both parties.
6. Maps will be like random and specially prepared.
7. In addition to the Global map, there will be a tournament table and top clans.
8. The fights will be held at a specific time 2-3 times a week or according to a set schedule.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments.

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  1. Support!
    But more than two people are needed.
    Who also wants to participate, I think it's enough to put a plus in the new message.

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