Site list for the game Cossacks

Official site of the game Cossacks 3 - game development news, announcements of new additions to the game, communication on the forum with the developers of the game.

Fan-site about the game Cossacks 3 — стримы турниров, тактики игры на различных опциях, советы начинающим, записи игр с турниров.

World Cossackers League (WCL) – лига по I и III части Казаков, которая объединяет как постоянно действующие турниры, так и временные. Подробное описание можно посмотреть here.

League Cossackers Net (LCN) - The largest of the existing tournaments on the game Cossacks. Competitions in the league are held in nine popular categories. In the league you can play as a clan, and alone.

RLiga (Rush League) - one of the oldest tournaments on the game "Cossacks: Again War", which is held during one evening. Weekly, every Saturday newcomers and experienced players meet on the GameSpy server to show all their game skills.

Seasonal battle - not exactly the site, but the official tournament for the game Cossacks III, which involved 16 best players ranking.

Empire - Tournament for the game Cossacks I. In it, the players are divided into empire teams. Battles between them are conducted on the servers GameSpy and, which affect the position of teams in the tournament. The battle is for the provinces, which can be captured and defended. Also introduced diplomacy, domestic policy, riots. There is a game currency - gold, with which you can manage the policy of the state. The team that wins the maximum territory by the end of the tournament wins. Currently abandoned.

Cossacks Server - instruction on the game in the Cossacks: Again War on the network.

Cossacks War - author's articles about Cossacks I and III.

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