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Cossacks 2 is the continuation of the Cossacks' sensational strategy. In the new part of the game, the engine, which was tested in the game "Alexander". The game was released 4 April 2005 year. 22 June 2006 came out the addition of "Battle for Europe". From the old game of Cossacks 2 differs a fairly large number of innovations:

  • Much more units on the map. In Cossacks 2 now fit to 64000 units on the map and up to 16000 in battle.
  • Morality and fatigue of the soldiers. Each unit has an indicator of fatigue and morale. If the detachment goes along the road, fatigue does not decrease, but even vice versa, it increases slightly. If he leaves her, then fatigue accumulates, which can lower the rate of morality. If, however, it is fired at the same time, and the strength of the detachment will decrease rapidly, then soon it disintegrates, and the remaining soldiers flee.
  • Strategic component. In the game Cossacks 2 the mode of Conquest of Europe is added, which implements some elements of the turn-based strategy. In it, Europe is divided into sectors, you are playing for a specific nation that has its own commander, and seize these sectors, using your available troops.
  • Fights are conducted by combat constructions. The basis of the whole game. Unlike the old game, where the importance of the units was reduced to almost zero, the Cossacks 2 without them anywhere.
  • 19 century. The battles are unfolding not in the 17-18 centuries, but in the 19 century, during the Napoleonic wars, in fact this explains the name of the game.
  • Settlements. Well, a great addition to the game are the settlements that extract some type of resources that give realism to the game, creating the notion that the war is happening on the inhabited territory, and not somewhere on an uninhabited island. Having seized these settlements, you can not worry about the construction of the economy, but rather engage in military activities.
Cossacks 2 The Napoleonic Wars

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