Empire: European Wars [Revolution] (Final)

Algerian / Turkish Chest is issued by a separate unit, in order to avoid troubles in Campania and Singles ...
Troops in the tent are built much faster ..
Scampaway Strengthened to the level of the Frigate ... and acquired new weapons ..
Swim to the enemy closer and smash it into ... pieces ...
I remove unfinished settlements from the selection list until the moment I finish them ..
Improved balancing of Skampaway and New Improvement for Skampaway in the Empire (Equal to the Frigate of the Empire)
The New Nation "Mercenaries", the development is similar to the Nomads, but many cardinal differences.
Thank you Froize, its modification Bandit Mod послужила идеей…

Patch Fix:
  • Nomads and Mercenaries removed from a random game
  • (Too often come across when playing with a random opponent, the author removed because of a very weak AI, he leaves them for ready-made cards.)
  • Арабы и Славяне теперь являются государством (Сирия и Сербия)
  • The convoy no longer attempts to enter into battle with other units, but it was not possible to fix the "Collision of the Obozov"
  • And also a few small fixes ..
Link Updated

Installation: download Cossacks Empire with a mod version of the previous version (which is 743 MB) and replace the file mods04.gs1

Author: ThentyZ
Original topic on the InternetWars forum: internetwars.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4790&start=220

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  1. Flies when saving = (what should I do?

  2. Perezaley mod

  3. Why in the mode 50 steamships of the 10th century 19 were added.

  4. In the mode, AI does not work well.

  5. Perezalite mod please, really want to.

  6. This mod is put on the Cossacks 3? or there is already this patch (http://cossacks-portal.ru/load/kazaki_imperija/1-1-0-6)?

  7. ThentyZ, "Полное Собрание Сочинений" уже есть тут — http://cossacks-portal.ru/load/kazaki_imperija/1-1-0-6
    PS It is necessary to fill in more screenshots ...

  8. bob, http://internetwars.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4790&start=240
    in the History of Change is a reference to the "Complete Collection of Works"
    Download and update to the last patch ..

  9. I have Cossacks 1.37 + Empire. I put this mod (I threw it at the root of the game), and I swear on the campagins.txt file that I do not find any missions there. Many missions. Plus some more mistakes. How to fix?

    Maybe somewhere is already ready patched game with the mod?

  10. shoker, Pasvalil smile

  11. perezaleyte mod please, the file is deleted on mediafire ...

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