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New fashion for the Cossacks Empire!

Представляю Вашему вниманию совершенно новый мод для игры Cossacks Empire. There are many changes in it.
What does this Mod:
1.Reports a bug with Prussia and Piedmont (departures) .. 2.Deaches all 25 nations3 available for playing in Random maps. Adds a few ready-made maps drawn by me with the nations of the Empire4.Changes existing settlements for fully-fledged playable nations ... 5.Added several new buildings to all nations ...

What else do you have:
The compatibility of AI with the converted Nations is even more improved ... (Now the AI ​​is carrying out some upgrades). Now Multi-barrels, Mortars and Howitzers can conduct Art Training ... Completely redone the Slavs ... The enemy ferry now does not explode with the improvement. The insignificant fixes associated with ferries .... ... A new unit for the Nomads ... Many small changes for the new nations ...
.... There was a newer version of the mod - []
Author: ThentyZ

Установка: поместить файл mods04.gs1 в папку с Cossacks: Empire

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  1. Админ, игра чуть-чуть тормозит, НО…. фиг с ним, ОНО РАБОТАЕТ, вы осчастливили меня. По дурости удалил в своё время, а искать потом замучился. Огромное вам спасибо за ваш труд. (по прежнему 8 винда — почему? Ответа нет)

    1. и последующие моды также работают. Кайф

    2. Да она везде тормозит. Просто из-за того, что автор мода добавил кучу дополнительных графических модов. А оригинальная Империя да, очень быстро запускается и работает тоже быстро.

  2. And 3 part is a shame. Only about the money and the developers thought, and all the talk about the decision to revive the classics, etc., the XNUM classroom talk.

    1. Well, these words will not say only lazy. In general, if you look at the history of games from GSC, you can find only two projects - the first Cossacks and the first Stalker. All the rest - an attempt to release a game or add-on, using the popularity of the original, "squeeze" to the maximum. It seems to me that they have no ideas for the Cossacks, it is necessary to create a new idea for the game. Further it is possible to go the same way, creating Stalker 2, which again will be like the first, only with slightly better graphics. Or, thanks to the huge revenue from the Cossacks, they will start to create something new.

  3. Presented fashion for the Cossacks laid out immediately, the Empire does not work - the game does not start with them, the link does not lead anywhere. It's a pity. Once upon a time when the design of the site was old and dark, there was a link to the finished Empire with the latest mods as one game, it weighed much more than 400 mb - it worked perfectly and all flown (8 Windows, a new video card).

    1. Today saw your comment - and I decided to fix it right away. Since nothing was updated by the authors of the mod, and by me, naturally many links stopped working. And in general I had to sweat a bit to find the right file. By the way, I pulled a ready, working Empire from the old laptop, which works on 7 and 8 Windows with new video cards. But for Windows 10 I had to remove ddraw.dll, since it was completely unnecessary. I see, you even remember the old site design, wow. I'm still the same admin site, just moved the site to another hosting and changed the design. I know, I have not done anything for a long time on the site, but in the last six months I've been trying to slowly rewrite the site, add something new. A lot of sites on the old Cossacks are abandoned, the Cossacks 3 situation is slightly better.

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