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Quite often on the Internet, I noticed about the mention of the Cossacks 4 somewhere on the forums and fan sites of the game. And I noticed this already relatively long ago, even when this site just appeared. What should be the Cossacks 4? In 2012, I still very much doubted the source of the 4, since Cossacks 3 it was not even audible whether they were being developed at all. But then I remembered that the mod "Empire", which was very large in the number of changes, was called in the reviews by the Cossacks 3. But here, came out the real Cossacks 3, which became just a remake (and not very good) of the old game, where from real changes it's 3D, the camera is still difficult to control during the game, so it will only fit for screenshots, updated graphics and several new units. And not all of the old part was implemented. Once I decided to re-read the article on internetwars, which really was written a long time ago, (because the first time I read it in 2011 like) but not the essence. About the next part of the Cossacks was written absolutely exactly - to make the embodiment of the same Cossack idea, as in the original. Did the developers approached this too thoroughly and did not add anything new at all? In general, if you look deeper, you can watch a video about the creation of the Cossacks, dedicated to the 15 anniversary of GSC (2010).

Since the video is too long, I will retell the main facts:

Century RTS strategies lasted a maximum of 2003 year

RTS-strategies are not designed for a mass audience

If you do Cossacks 3, then it takes a lot of money, and the project should pay off

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So whatever your damp dreams that you could add 4 to the Cossacks to make it interesting to play, everything depends on the interest, and the great masses. And since real-time strategy has not been interesting for a long time to the broad masses of players, it makes no sense to invest in such an expensive project if it does not pay off. Therefore, GSC came from the position of greatest benefit - if the chicken they once took down the "golden egg," then it will carry it down next time. And indeed, with a game in which at the time of the release there was a bunch of bugs and even not all the nations were added, a huge profit from sales was obtained. And all solely because of nostalgia.

And as we see now (the end of May 2018) there are no serious updates for the game (since September 2017), but also about the upcoming innovations, too, can say nothing. So we are waiting for at least updates from this game, and we hope for modders.

By the way, modders still tried, and made their vision of a new game. The indefatigable AWAR (who developed the Empire mod) is working on the State vs Country mod, where additional time periods are supposed to exist within 17-18 centuries, mixed constructions and new units.

Download game Cossacks 5

As for the Cossacks 5, then you are already very dreamy, I think. To begin with, you need to go to the Cossacks 4, that would have already come out the fifth part. But it seems to me that if the Cossacks 4 and call any mod for K3, then the Cossacks 5 is completely unreal. Well, except in your fantasies.

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  1. ля уже 1019 а сталкер 2 не вишел

  2. There is a sartphone, a tablet. If there is, then you can download android games on

  3. Ha. In fact, GSC is not closed, but think about how long it will take for the 2 stakler, and suddenly they will also like it and everyone will want a stalker 3 biggrin ? I think now is the time to do Cossacks 3, and then we have already been waiting ...

  4. the company that did the Cossacks did not close and is looking for new personnel to port the stalker 2 on the console

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